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ClearOS Documentation Library

Welcome to the documentation library for ClearOS, ClearCenter, and ClearFoundation. This page is the comprehensive index for all documentation related to ClearOS, ClearFoundation, and ClearCenter.

User Guides

User Guides are largely provided by ClearCenter and contain information on installing, configuring and managing ClearOS and apps in the marketplace. Some guides are written and maintained by 3rd party Marketplace vendors and Community members.

Popular guides include:

Knowledge Base

The ClearOS Knowledge Base contains free and paid articles dealing with best practices, implementation guides and outlines, real-world deployment considerations, troubleshooting techniques and tools, and support beyond.

It contains Howto documents designed to implement features. It also contains initiatives and helpful documentation for developers including prototyping, skunkworks, and works in progress.

Frequently used Knowledge Base sections:


This section contains documents that are the result of announcements made by ClearCenter, ClearFoundation and others. These announcements are significant posts detailing direction, initiatives, and releases.

Frequent announcements links



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