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  • You may have to take that issue to the Nextcloud forums.

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  • I don't know that but we do have a number of customers using it as a firewall only. Some use it internally only and some use it as both a firewall and a file server (web/mail/files) and gor some of the other features as well. Usage is quite varied.

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  • Nick Howitt
    Nick Howitt replied to a discussion, Hardware compatibility

    Wireless support is poor. You need the version of app-network which has been stuck in testing for over a year, and a version of app-wireless-ap which is also in testing and certainly has bugs. It is a third-party app and I've tried and failed to get the developer to finish it. Then there is the question of drivers and I've no idea which they take. If you can, google the card and "centos 7" and see if you get any hits. If Centos supports it, ClearOS does.

    Note WiFi cards in a server are generally not ideal as it is hard to get them into a good signal location and it is not good to use log aerial cables.

  • Wayland Sothcott wrote:

    You said your Prolient server is only 32 bit. I am surprised by that and I would double check the model to see if it was 64 bit. 64 bit x86 CPUs became common in 2005 and they have all been 64 bit since 2008.

    You've obviously not looked at the picture of his proposed network where he identifies the model of the server! If you had, and checked the spec, you'd know that it's a P3 .16GHz machine ...

  • What do you get from:If it says:the answer is obvious.