ClearCARE Level II Support

What is Level II Support?

ClearCARE Level II Support provides access to engineers skilled in a wide variety of technical areas. These ultra-bright engineers provide support for both break-fixing a server and troubleshooting something that just doesn't seem right.

Commonly known as a Tier 2 support offering, these engineers can provide a much deeper and more valuable support offering then simple Level I tech-support. With Level II support, your ticket get's prioritized and once an engineer becomes familiar with your architecture, it's not uncommon to be served by the same engineer when possible thereafter. This provides a resource who's quick to understand your environment and well trained in sorting out errors and inconsistencies. Level II support from ClearCARE includes not only the modules that are shown in the ClearOS Webconfig console, but provides support resources competent at the command line where they can look under the hood of your server and better resolve issues that may be above and internal IT resources broad skill level.

Level II Support Summary

Provides technical support for more advanced features or configurations of the server, network and gateway. Implementing features not exposed via the ClearOS Webconfig UI but can be achieved through the installation of core-software or making configuration changes via the command line form the bulk of Level II support requests. The recipient of Level II support from ClearCenter either has general knowledge of Linux, networking and manipulating configuration files or agrees to allow remote access to qualified ClearCenter support team members to perform required changes.

  • I would like to install ClearOS in a RAID 5 software do I do this?
  • I've run out of hard disk storage - how can I move users home directories to a separate disk?
  • I have 2 subnets - one for data and one for VoIP. How can I prioritize traffic through the gateway?

Creating a Ticket

It is a requirement with ALL support requests that a valid / live ticket be in place. To create a support ticket, you must login to the ClearCenter user portal and open a ticket. All tickets must be initiated via the portal, however, once your ticket is logged, email replies can be made from any mail client as long as you keep the subject (containing the ticket reference number) intact. This provides our team with information up front regarding your support needs, and allows us to assign your ticket to someone who specializes in the problem discussed.


ClearOS Marketplace Support Policy

ClearOS is designed to be an open platform, allowing users and 3rd party developers to leverage and extend the functionality of ClearOS in the role of server, network and gateway. While this diversity and policy benefits users, ClearCenter must invoke a support policy around each app entering the Marketplace, commiserate with various factors such as:

  • our technical knowledge with the underlying software
  • stability and history of the software/app
  • relationship and business agreements with vendor (if applicable)
Marketplace Bottom

The ClearCenter support policy is clearly defined in the Marketplace when browsing for apps to install. It is also available, by default, on the configuration page inside the ClearOS Webconfig. The denotation of whether an app is covered under one of the delivery methods done by way of a color-coded legend. If a method is 'greyed out', the method is not available to the end user as a mechanism for receiving support.

Public Forum Support - Casual

Developer or organization may occasionally browse the ClearFoundation community forum or other designated public forum to provide assistance for an app. There is no committment or obligation to provide free time/resources for support in this manner. Forum response times to posts will vary.

ClearFoundation Forum Support - Dedicated

Developer or organization will make best-effort to assist users via the ClearFoundation Community forum in a section dedicated for this ap

Developer/ISV Support

Developer or organization provides a service to submit and track support tickets through a web service or email. For specific details on the scope of support, conditions, hours of operation, response times etc., please view the app details section in the Marketplace.

ClearCenter Professionally Support

ClearCenter will provide professional support under the conditions appropriate for the paid support subscription this system is subscribed to. All new support incidents must be initiated via the ClearCARE support incident report.

ClearCenter Consulting Services:

ClearCenter engineering may provide technical support for this app on a consulting basis. Please contact our sales team with your support scope/request.