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Server, Network & Gateway, Managed Anywhere

  • ClearOS 7 Community
    Starting at $0/mo
    ClearOS 7 Community
  • ClearOS 7 Home

    Starting at $3/mo

    ClearOS 7 Home
  • ClearOS 7 Business

    Starting at $9/mo

    ClearOS 7 Business
  • ClearOS 6 Professional

    Starting at $7/mo

    ClearOS 6 Professional
Software Subscriptions
For homes, businesses, schools and more, utilizing your existing hardware

ClearOS delivers a simple platform for server applications, networking, gateway security and cloud integration services.

  • Use Existing Hardware
  • Developer, Home, & Production Ready Editions
  • Built-in ClearOS Marketplace
  • Commercial Add-on Services
  • Commercial Support Services
  • 3rd Party App Integration


Is The Phone In Your Pocket Smarter Than Your Server?

  • ClearBOX 100

    Starting at $1189

    ClearBOX 100
  • ClearBOX 300

    Starting at $1689

    ClearBOX 300
  • ClearBOX 500

    Starting at $3259

    ClearBOX 500
  • ClearBOX 700

    Starting at $3869

    ClearBOX 700
Smart Servers
For small, medium and distributed on-premise deployments

ClearBOX delivers a never before seen turn-key experience, enabling one server to do 100+ IT functions. These servers are built to run ClearOS.

  • Arrives Ready To Configure
  • 1 Smart Server, 100+ IT Functions
  • Enterprise Functionality . Small Business Price
  • Over 70TB of Storage
  • Up to 5 ISP Connections
  • Simple High Availability


Manage All Your Servers With Ease, From Anywhere

  • ClearVM

    Free for a Limited Time

  • ClearVM
    Free for a Limited Time
  • ClearVM
    Free for a Limited Time
  • ClearVM
    Free for a Limited Time
Management Platform
For all physical & virtual systems including 3rd party systems

A hybrid cloud, virtual management platform built to simplify the deployment and maintenance of geographically dispersed servers.

  • Virtual Systems Available In Minutes
  • Install, Manage, Clone, & Detect
  • Exclusive ClearOS Hosted Edition
  • Bare Metal to Functional in 10 mins
  • No More Upgrading Servers
  • 4 Simple Steps