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ClearOS Apps and Framework

Welcome! If you are developing ClearOS Apps, this is the place to bookmark. Among other things, you will find tutorials, reference guides, coding standards and best practices.

CodeIgniter Logo With the release of ClearOS 6, a new PHP-based application developer framework was launched. Fortunately, re-inventing the wheel was not necessary. There were already a number of frameworks and tools available that took care of the core requirements: speed, extensibility, rapid development and more. An analysis of various PHP, Python and perl (gasp!) frameworks took place in early 2010 and a selection was made. To make a long story short, the ClearOS framework brings together the following toolkits:

Getting Started

If you are new to developing on ClearOS, the tutorials are a great place to start. We'll take you from hello world right through to an Ajax-enabled App.

Reference Guide

The App Development Reference Guide provides information on the following topics:

  • File System Layout
  • MVC - Model, View, Controller
  • Ajax
  • Widgets
  • Marketplace

Coding Standards

The Coding Standards documentation provides information on standard practices used in ClearOS app development.

Security Practices

Best security practices have built right into the framework. From XSS filtering to validation handling, the necessary tools are included in ClearOS. The Security Practices documentation provides information on:

  • XSS / cross-site scripting filter
  • CSRF / cross-site request forgery preventions
  • Input Validation
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