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Tutorials Getting Started with ClearOS on GIThub

This document provides an overview on how to create and manage ClearOS source code on GitHub.

Before jumping to GitHub, you should have your ClearOS development environment up and running and some familiarity with ClearOS app development. Take a look at the Hello World tutorial if you need a place to start for apps.

Adding ClearOS Apps in GitHub

If you are not familiar with source code management systems like Git, SVN, CVS, etc. then please take some time to learn about it. The Official Git Getting Started Guide is one resource, but there are many floating out on the Internet. For SVN, CVS and other SCM refugees, you can jump right into the GitHub help.

Set Up Git

You will need a GitHub account, so go ahead and sign-up if you don't already have an account. Your ClearOS system already has git installed, so you can skip over the Download and Install part of the following guide:

Add SSH Keys

SSH keys are required for the ClearOS build system, so please take the time to upload your key to GitHub. If you don't already have SSH keys, we recommend creating these keys on your primary workstation (not the ClearOS system).

  • Go to your Account Settings
  • Click SSH Keys in the left sidebar
  • Click on
  • Paste your key into the Key field
  • Click on
  • Confirm the action by entering your GitHub password

If you are using a Linux-based desktop, or prefer managing your ClearOS SSH key on a dedicated ClearOS development system, you can follow this guide for instructions.

Next Steps

Once you have your GitHub account and SSH keys in place, you will be able to dive into the code! The following two guides are good places to go:

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