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Tutorials Adding ClearOS Apps in GitHub

This document provides an overview on how to import and manage a new ClearOS app on GitHub. If you haven't already configured GitHub for ClearOS, please review the following document: Getting Started with ClearOS on GitHub

Create a Git Repository

Now it's time to create the Git repository. Here's the the most important thing to remember:

Even though the ClearOS app lives in a directory named after the basename (for example openvpn), the git repository should be named after the RPM package name (for example app-openvpn). This will prevent naming collisions with other projects and make the build system happier!

IMPORTANT. No really, it's important. Please follow the GitHub guide, but keep the following in mind:

  • The Git repository should be the RPM/package name of the app with all lower-case letters, for example app-hello-world
  • Do not create a README using the web interface, you can do that later
  • Instead of just adding the README as described in the guide, add your whole app: git add *
  • SSH access is used instead of HTTPS, so the git remote command is different: git remote add origin

The GitHub document is here:

Finish Up

Please feel free to Watch or Star ClearOS projects on GitHub. You can find more information in the Be Social guide!

If you are maintaining upstream RPMS in git, please see the Upstream Packages document for more information.

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