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  • Patrick de Brabander
    Patrick de Brabander replied to a discussion, Let's Encrypt .

    The update of the letsencrypt certificate doesn't work again.
    Maybe due an update or something.

    I'm having the same problem with "--standalone", but only i can change it anywhere now.
    It looks like the "renew" scripte hase changed


  • Good afternoon.

    I am having trouble accessing the user accounts in clearos community, the following error appears, how can I get help solving it?

    An Error Was Encountered
    Unable to load the requested class: Accounts_Driver
  • David Kazgar
    Nowadays prople are using emil but acoording totechnology demand peoples demand are chnaged they want to apporach a reliable, Secure and safe email account, There is Rediffmail that is known for its brst security services that is maintained by support team on
  • I've no idea if Easeus would work. You can install GParted to USB and use the terminal from there. Any Linux live distribution will work.

    GPT should not matter and is essential if the disk is over 2TB.

  • Roman Zhukov
    Roman Zhukov just registered on the site
  • Roman Zhukov
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    Congrats on registering on the site!
  • Nick Howitt
    Nick Howitt replied to a discussion, Running Firewall Panic mode....

    Can I ask how big your blocklist is and how you are implementing it?

  • Dave Loper
    Dave Loper started a new discussion, Announcing ClearGLASS

    Announcing ClearGLASS

    We are pleased to announce the release of ClearGLASS, a new ClearOS application and service that is destined to become one of the tentpole ClearOS Marketplace apps.

    The free Community Edition of ClearGLASS is now live in the ClearOS Marketplace and ready as the Release Candidate 1 version. That means that if installed, it will be update-able moving forward. The Business Edition of ClearGLASS is in closed beta starting today and will be fully released before the end of Q2 2018. See the bottom section of this post for more information on joining the ClearGLASS Business closed beta.

    Using ClearGLASS you can; securely and privately manage cloud resources from multiple providers, manage on-premises servers, Blockchain nodes, or decentralized IT infrastructure at any scale from a single management plane.

    ClearGLASS supports more than 20 third-party providers and services including AWS, Azure, Docker Cloud, Rackspace, Linode and more.

    If your organization maintains a mix of on-premises servers, off-premises servers, Blockchain nodes, virtual machines, containers or public/private cloud resources then you know just how difficult it is to juggle all of these IT assets especially when trying to optimize management and usage across technologies and infrastructure.

    ClearGLASS solves this problem by providing orchestration, role-based access control, monitoring, alerts, security, visibility and control to make it easier to manage heterogeneous infrastructure all from within one console.

    ClearGLASS also gives you insight into total costs spanning multiple cloud services and info on under-utilized resources allowing you to tell in realtime if your costs are exceeding the benefits to your IT infrastructure.

    Using the advanced orchestration features of ClearGLASS you can easily spin up hundreds of resources, apps, or nodes on demand in order to meet your organizational needs.

    ClearGLASS Community is ideal for personal projects and small teams with a DIY approach while ClearGLASS Business is ideal for Managed Service Providers (MSPs), large-scale Blockchain orchestration or SMB to enterprise size teams with advanced needs around automation, orchestration and role-based access control.

    ClearGLASS Community Features Compared to ClearGLASS Business:

    ClearGLASS Community Features Include
    -Management for unlimited clouds & machines
    -Unlimited users & teams
    -Script & Key management
    -Scheduled actions
    -Monitoring and alerts
    -Web shell
    -Webconfig tie-in management
    -Audit logs
    -Community Support via ClearOS Community Forums

    ClearGLASS Business Includes:
    -All Features from ClearGLASS Community Plus
    -Role-based Access Control for Teams
    -Granular Provisioning
    -Cost Insights and Differentiation Across Multiple Cloud Services
    -Under-utilized resource Insights
    -Advanced Orchestration and Automation
    -Professional Support

    ClearGLASS Business Beta Program
    Interested in joining the ClearGLASS Business beta program? Visit and click the "Sign up for beta" button in the right column. Just enter your contact info and soon someone will contact you to go over the beta program which includes 3 options:

    Install ClearGLASS Community today via the ClearOS Marketplace then upgrade in place to ClearGLASS Business when available.
    Request a test account on ClearCenter's ClearGLASS Business Beta demo environment (with this options, there is no need to stand up your own ClearOS system in order to evaluate ClearGLASS Business).
    Install the ClearGLASS Business beta inside your ClearOS test environment (this option may require wiping your test environment and starting over with a new system once ClearGLASS Business reaches the release candidate stage.)
    Below are a few screenshots from the ClearGLASS management interface. Check out to learn more.

  • I am surprised you cannot connect with WinSCP - use File Protocol SFTP and port 22 (the defaults), root user and root password.

    From the command line, something like:

  • That sounds like your server is behind a proxy. Do you know if it is? If it is, have you set up the proxy settings in the Webconfig > Network > Settings > IP Settings?