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  • Nick Howitt
    Nick Howitt replied to a discussion, Simplify menustructure


    I'd also put ClearGLASS under Applications. Kopano should go under Messaging or Applications, Openfire is the same. If they don't go under Messaging, Messaging should be renamed E-Mail. Database and Directory only ever seem to have one entry, but I think the MSSQL also went under Database (but it is now broken). There are issues with the IDS which appears in different places if you talk about the free or subscribed updates. Under Gateway, the Content Filter and Proxy and Filtering options need to be sorted because Content Filtering is Filtering. The list goes on.

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  • Patrick de Brabander
    Patrick de Brabander started a new discussion, Simplify menustructure

    Simplify menustructure

    I was wondering why there are some many single apps in one heading in the menu tree structure ?
    See attached picture as an example.
    Of course not every app is installed, but don't think anyone has ;-)

  • Nick Howitt
    Nick Howitt replied to a discussion, Docker status on ClearOS 7.6

    There is a macvlan reference here. It looks like by design, it could be on the same subnet as the parent interface so care must be taken over the addressing and I think you need to reserve the IP addresses it can assign using the --ip-range switch so it does not clash with DHCP or other manual IP addresses. It also looks like the macvlan interface cannot communicate with the parent interface at all. You may be able to get round this by creating a virtual interface and attaching the macvlan interface to the virtual interface.

  • Patrick de Brabander wrote:

    Dave Loper wrote:


    We'll have some announcements about this when it is fully baked but you can try it out. It was designed for iLO 5 which uses Redfish 1.2 so it may not be compatible with the older iLO. But you can try it out and let me know.

    Hi Dave,

    I've installed the app, but seems not to be working properly

    I can set up the account, but then it gives the following errors

    Hi Dave,

    Apparently i made some mistake, because after another try it works.
    Not everything function is working.
    please see the images attached for for information

  • The useful logs are in /var/log/snort/syslog. This app is not the most intuitive and GPL rules are enabled in Webconfig > Gateway > Intrusion Prevention > Intrusion Detection System and the IDS updates in Webconfig > Cloud > Updates > IDS Signatures. Note the IDS is quite processor intensive and it is best to only enable rules where you have services which are exposed to the internet.

    I don't get any response from your test sites but I have a limited number of rules enabled. I do get responses to other rules.

  • Nick Howitt
    Nick Howitt replied to a discussion, Docker status on ClearOS 7.6

    What is the output of "ifconfig"?