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  • British Airways Flight Change Policy
    When a passenger requests alterations to a British Airways booking, The airline adheres to its policy regarding flight changes and follows the policy. The policy can be found on the official website of the airline in order to provide total transparency.
    The same principle is in a way that is easier for more understand. Let's take a look.
    • The airline allows only changes to reservations directly made through its website. Revisions to bookings purchased on a third-party site are not accepted.
    • It is necessary to modify your date prior to the check-in begins to check-in for the flight.
    • If the new ticket is more, the user is responsible for the difference.
    • Air Canada does not charge a cost for any changes people can make online via the website.
    • If you make changes via phone or email, then you'll need to be prepared to shell out USD25 or USD 35 for changes made at the airport.
    • The airline allows you to make any modification to your existing reservation for no cost if it's made within the same day as the reservation. If you don't complete the process, you'll be required to pay the fine.
    • In the event of extreme circumstances, The airline can provide special services in the event of extreme circumstances. In the event of the death of someone close to them, the airline extends the validity of the ticket by 45 days.
    You can also contact the number +1-800-918-3039 to speak with an expert for assistance in altering your British Airways booking.
  • Jacquelyn Norris
    How to Write a Persuasive University Essay

    If you don't have the best grades, you can still get into the most prestigious university. This happens frequently. A professionally written essay can help, which will reveal all your positive aspects. Here we will tell you how to write an essay for university admission.
    According to the Ivy League admissions staff, essays are the most memorable part of all admissions papers. It shows the applicant as a person. Many have the same grades and scores for exams, but it is the essay that will help you stand out from this crowd. It shows how you can present yourself, analyze information, express thoughts and communicate with other people in writing.
    Often, inexperienced applicants confuse an essay with a motivation letter, but these are completely different works. A motivation letter is almost always required, and an essay on a free topic helps the admissions committee check whether you have creative abilities and what level of compatibility you have with the university.
    An important difference between the essay is the word limit. Each introductory essay may have its own limitations, sometimes the requirements may be for a very short essay - a couple of paragraphs. This means that all answers should be clear and to the point, but not dry and monosyllabic. It is common for universities to publish essay topics on their websites in the admissions section.
    To write a good essay and get into university the first time, you can take special courses or go the easy way and just specify your requirements and make payment, so you get a quality job.
    The most common questions in an essay
    Tell us about your biggest achievement.
    How do you spend your time after lessons? Describe two activities and their meaning.
    Describe your idol, why do you admire him?
    What course, person, project or book has influenced you? as?
    Describe your plans for the future.
    Describe a difficult situation you went through.
    Where did you find leadership qualities useful?
    The more prestigious the university, the more difficult the topics. But having learned the important lessons of writing - you can do anything!

    Essay Writing Tips
    First of all, evaluate the list of essay topics that the university offers. Read them and listen to your feelings. What topic do you already have thoughts on? If nothing immediately comes to mind, give time to your thoughts: take your time, but think about the questions for a couple of days. You don't write essays at the last minute, do you?
    Do not put off writing an essay until the last day. Usually, the list is issued in advance, so you can start working a couple of months. The list of topics appears in advance, so start working on an essay at least a couple of months before the application deadline.
    Your job is to stand out. Your essay should be original, and not on the standard topics: "travel", "parents" and "sports".
    Below we have compiled tips and tricks to help you write a memorable essay.
    Don't repeat the question in the answer.
    Do not use long and complex words. At best, you will look pathetic, and at worst, ignorant.
    Be honest. An answer that shows you who you are will be much more pleasing to the commission than an appropriate or politically correct one.
    Be yourself. Don't think about what the admissions staff would like to see. Choose the topics that you can cover and that are important to you. Express your ideas and share your experience.
    Describe your personal growth. When you write about a life event or passion, tell us what you've learned since then. This will show the admissions committee that you are capable of change and that you have adequate self-esteem.
    Improve your existing resume. Write about things that weren't mentioned in your cover letter or portfolio to show different sides of your personality.
    Gently with humor: rarely anyone manages to joke out of place.
    Don't use the same answers for different universities. It's easier, but the individual approach to each university is evaluated by the selection committee more favorably. Try to make every college you apply to think that their university is your #1 choice. And do not hope that the commission will not notice your stamped answers: they have an eye for it.
    Don't worry about the word limit. Write the answer however you like, and then just cross out the odd one. You won't believe how quickly and easily you find what you don't need.
    Make sure that there are no mistakes or typos in the essay. To do this, read it from the end. So you do not concentrate on the meaning of the text, and your focus is only on the words. Check them in a dictionary if in doubt about spelling.
    When the essay is ready, read it several times, preferably every other day, to evaluate it with a fresh look. Make sure that it reveals you as a person, that the topic is really meaningful to you, that you have managed to show your interest in it and find an original approach.
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