Hardware Certification


HPE ProLiant MicroServer Gen10


Product Version Status
ClearOS 7.4 and later Certified
ClearOS 6.8 and later Approved
ClearVM  2.0

ClearOS Notes



Multi-monitor support is limited on MicroServer Gen 10 when running ClearOS. Extra software drivers from AMD are required to use multiple monitors beyond a simplistic nature. These drivers are not yet available in the ClearOS Marketplace. In normal operation, ClearOS uses a single monitor for text-based input at the local console and administration is handled through a web interface. The exception to this is the graphical console (gconsole) package which allows for manipulation of the network stack in a GUI sufficient to gain access to the web-based administration tools. ClearOS only supports single monitor in VESA mode for the graphical console and text-based console. Switching between monitor hookups is supported.


Wake on LAN (WoL) is supported in the hardware if enabled in the BIOS. It must be further enabled in ClearOS in order to activate the 'g' flag using the 'ethtool' or other command to manipulate the default register. (For example: ethtool -s <interface_name> wol g)


Some messages can be registered that mention that the processor is not supported. While this may be true for upstream kernel support, we have not encountered any processor faults or kernel issues with this platform. This hardware is supported by ClearCenter and any necessary fixes can be obtained through ClearCenter support.


IOMMU support in the BIOS can be activated but only if the following parameters are passed to the kernel on boot: "amd_iommo=on iommu=pt". If you don't need IOMMU then you can safely ignore kernel messages related on boot as these are not activated when turned off in the BIOS.


There are reports of problems that can occur with NFS with kdump in a stress test on the MicroServer platform that will be addressed in a future update. NFS is presently not supported or available in any app in the ClearOS Marketplace and should be considered Community Supported.


ClearOS does not require the secondary driver for the video output but the built-in driver does support hot-plugging monitors for the default display in the command line interface. The graphical interface for configuring the NICs to the point that the server can be managed from the web-interface must be used off of the primary monitor only. VESA support for a single monitor is all that is supported by the default video driver.


ClearOS may attempt to detect and fail to initialize an Intel sound device. This message can be ignored or the module can be blacklisted.


ClearVM Notes