Hardware Certification


HPE ProLiant - ML110 Gen9


Product Version Status
ClearOS 7.3 and later Certified
ClearOS 6.8 and later Approved
ClearVM  2.0

ClearOS Notes


B140i - The built-in BIOS provided RAID controller is not compatible with ClearOS. Installations require AHCI SATA controller. Software RAID is recommended as a replacement as it is more portable and is guaranteed to have driver support on ClearOS and other Linux distributions now and in the future.

Fan Noise - The fan noise is at the higher end of acceptable levels. Noise levels are acceptable in a data center or server closet but may be noticeable/distracting in an office environment. This machine presently runs with the fan at medium speed. This is normal for all configurations running in AHCI SATA mode. A future BIOS update may resolve this issue.