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Advanced Print Server

ClearOS includes the an advanced printer server for your network.


If you did not select this module to be included during the installation process, you must first install the module.

You can find this feature in the menu system at the following location:

Server|File and Print|Advanced Print Server


From this webconfig page, you can:

  • Start and stop the advanced print server
  • Access the link to the web-based advanced print server manager

Once the advanced print server is running, a link to the web-based manager will be shown. Follow the link and login with the root account. You can find detailed information on how to use this software here.

As a security precaution, the printer web interface is only accessible from a trusted (LAN) network. You can not access the web interface from a remote Internet connection.

Adding Printers - Quickstart

To add a printer, you first need to access the print server manager:

  • Login to the web-based print server manager with the root account
  • Click on

Step 1 - Add New Printer

On this step, you configure general settings for the name of the printer:

  • Enter a descriptive name, for example: LaserJet
  • Enter a location (optional), for example: Room 101
  • Enter a description (optional), for example: Black and White LaserJet

Step 2 - Device Selection

A printer can be connected via parallel port, USB, and other means. In fact, you can add remote printers as well.

Step 3 - Device Details

Depending on your selection, you may need to configure more details. In some some cases, you will skip straight to the next step.

Step 4 - Make/Manufacturer

In this step, you can configure the printer drivers for your make and model. If you cannot find your printer listed, you can check the Open Printing Database for driver support. If a driver is available, you will be able to upload it during this step.

After this step, your printer will be active.

Supported Printers

To find information on printer compatibility, please visit the Open Printing Database web site. You will find detailed driver information on hundreds of printers.

Integrating with Windows Networks

When you configure a new printer, it will appear as a shared printer on your Windows Network (if Windows Networking is installed). However, you will may need to restart the Windows network service after adding a new printer.

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