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Backup and Restore

The backup/restore feature lets you take a snapshot of all the configuration files and save them to a separate system for safe keeping. If a ClearOS system needs to be restored, you can re-install the ClearOS system and then restore all the configuration settings from the backup.


This feature is part of the core system and installed by default.

You can find this feature in the menu system at the following location:

System|Backup|Backup Settings

Remote Server Backup and ClearSDN The backup/restore settings tool does not save user data, logs or mailboxes. Use Remote Server Backup to keep your data safe. The remote server backup system is able to backup MySQL databases, mail stores, LDAP, file shares as well as specified files and directories. The solution takes all the complexity out of doing a backup and protects vital data from being lost.


The backup/restore tool saves all the configuration information available through Webconfig including:

  • Usernames and passwords
  • Network configuration
  • Firewall configuration
  • Software configuration (for example, content filter)

If you have installed third party applications on your system, you will need to take extra steps to save configuration data.


During the restore procedure, the original network settings will be restored, but not activated. Consider this scenario:

  • The system settings on a live ClearOS gateway have been saved.
  • Due to a hard disk failure, ClearOS was temporarily replaced with a basic router.
  • ClearOS was re-installed on another server while connected to your LAN.
  • The restore procedure is then used on the newly installed ClearOS system.
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