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Downloading ClearOS

Along with the standard ISO image, ClearOS has specialized downloads available for virtual and cloud environments as well.

If you just want to kick the tires and give ClearOS a spin, you can use the virtual machine images to get a system up and running. For running ClearOS in a live environment, a full install using the ISO image is strongly recommended (even in a virtual environment). A full install lets you choose disk sizes, partitioning, whole disk encryption and other install-only tunables.

Selecting a Download Image

There are a number of different virtual machine images available. You can find more information on the ClearOS Professional Download page.

Verifying the Download Image

To verify the integrity of the download, you can check the MD5Sum of the file. What is an MD5sum? To make a long story short, an MD5sum is a simple way to verify the integrity of a downloaded file.

For Windows, you can often use CD burning software to verify an MD5sum. Alternatively, you can download and install the free MD5Summer tool. In Linux, you can use the command line md5sum command.

Next Steps

Once you have the download ready, you are ready to begin the install process:

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