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Central Management LDAP Replication Framework

One of the core building blocks in the Central Management architecture is LDAP replication. The OpenLDAP software in ClearOS already provides the necessary bits for LDAP replication, so we are already half way there.

You can read more about the OpenLDAP replication settings here.

In order to provide a robust Central Management solution, we need to go one step further and design a framework to handle:

  • Joining new server to a ClearOS LDAP directory as a replicate.
  • Disjoining from ClearOS LDAP directory.
  • Promoting replicate to master
  • Demoting master to to replicate
  • Synchronizing changes and detecting inconsistencies
  • Providing helpers to the application layer

This last bullet needs a little explanation. Some applications may need to replicate non-LDAP data across all ClearOS systems. For example, the Samba netlogon scripts need to be replicated across some ClearOS systems (specifically, those configured as a backup domain controller / BDC). The Central Management system needs to be extended to handle this file replication as well.

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