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Adding Your App to the Translation Server

This document is intended for app developers and provides information on how to import app translations into the Translation System. If you are looking for information on how to translate ClearOS, please look here.

Translation Standards

There are a few checks that need to be done before uploading the base English translation.

Use Core Translations When Possible

In order to avoid duplication and provide consistency, use translations found in the core apps when possible. For example, there is no need to have the word “Username” translated in your app since that is a common word. Instead, use the existing base_username tag. Some other examples:

  • base_email_address
  • base_password_and_verify_do_not_match
  • network_ip
  • network_hostname

Avoid Hard-Coded Punctuation

All forms of punctuation should be included in the translation instead of hard-coded in the source code like the following example:

 echo lang('myapp_the_following_user_is_hungry') . ':' . $username;

The semi-colon is valid for English, but it may not be valid for other languages! Avoid this scenario if possible, otherwise include the punctuation in the translation tag:


The translator will then have a better chance of capturing the correct translation and punctuation.

Use Consistent Validation Messages

All validation errors should be in the following form (including a period at the end):

Xyz is invalid.    (e.g. "PPTP IP range is invalid.")

For consistency, avoid using the short form:

Invalid xyz.    (e.g. "Invalid PPTP IP range.")

Scrub Translations

Make sure that everything is translated and that all translation tags have been defined in your en_US/appname_lang.php file. Also remove any unused tags – no need to add extra work for the translators!

Check Spelling and Grammar

Please double check spelling and grammar.

Sort the Translation

It is a good idea to sort the translation in alphabetical order. This will make it easier to spot any issues during the import/export process.

Import into Unify

Please contact for details.

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