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Removing Clearconsole from ClearOS 6

ClearConsole is designed to help new users and admins of new systems configure the minimal network settings to be able to configure their ClearOS system from a remote browser.

In ClearOS 7, these steps are unnecessary since resources are automatically reduced by making the ClearConsole come up in the Text User Interface (TUI) instead of Graphical User Interface (GUI) after a system is registered.

For various reasons, you may want to remove ClearConsole after the install. These reasons may include:

  • Increased performance. By reclaiming the resources required to run ClearConsole, you can optimize further the performance of your server. This is especially useful if ClearOS is running as a VM.
  • Alternate graphical state. By removing the ClearConsole, you can make way for the ClearOS Core Desktop interface.


If you are not familiar with how to modify network cards by hand via command line on ClearOS, consider leaving the ClearConsole alone. If something should happen, this may be the only way that you can get back to using your server should nasty things happen on your network or with your ISP.

Getting Started

It is advised that you perform these steps AFTER the install and BEFORE the wizard. First, verify that you can access ClearOS via Webconfig (ie.

Removing ClearConsole

This process can remove packages that you are using. Use with caution!

Next, open a command prompt via console or SSH and issue the following command:

yum remove '*x11*' GConf2 ORBit2 alsa-lib atk fontpackages-filesystem gnome-vfs2 hicolor-icon-theme hunspell jasper-libs libICE libIDL libSM liberation-fonts-common liberation-sans-fonts libfontenc libthai mesa-dri-filesystem mozilla-filesystem pixman plymouth-graphics-libs sgml-common xkeyboard-config

# This line added for convenience in copy and paste. You don't need to execute this line.

When the list comes up, verify that the dependencies that this will remove are ok. Especially pay attention to applications that start with app- because these are Webconfig related packages. If you are trying to do this AFTER you have installed apps, you WILL/MIGHT see packages listed. This process will uninstall these apps You have been warned, several times.

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