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Getting Started with Quality Assurance and Testing

Welcome and thanks for testing ClearOS. Testers of ClearOS need access to early betas, release candidates and other code so that they can test various aspects of ClearOS, the install process, and services under ClearOS. Individuals who regularly test ClearOS and provide useful feedback have access to some extra perks!

Casual and Serious Testing

Whether you are a casual or serious tester, you will want to bookmark this page as it has resources that will be indispensable for your testing.

First, you don't need permission to test ClearOS or get started validating the ClearOS code. Testing is open and that is the beauty of open source. Moreover, this guide will help you set up testing so that you can test upcoming patches, upcoming version, or even your own contributions to ClearOS. If you do want to become involved, please contact David Loper or any of the members of the ClearOS community leadership or anyone at ClearCenter so that we can coordinate any feedback that you have. Testers that provide feedback get early notices, copies of paid software that needs testing, and more.

Structure of Testing


Individual App Criteria

This section will be moved to its own place as it matures. For now, it is a link to other items that should have the app-name and qa in the keywords.


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