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ClearOS named #1 Server Distribution

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Linux Voice


ClearOS was recently named by Linux Voice the #1 server distribution for it's variety of server functions. Many have called ClearOS the Swiss Army Knife® of operating systems for the same reason, ClearOS offers 100+ IT functions all easily installable through ClearOS Marketplace. ClearOS is dedicated to delivering a stable, scalable, and affordable solution for the Server, Network, Gateway and many Cloud Integrated technologies. Linux Voice said it best when they said:




Its an honor to be categorized with other great server distros and to be recognized for the many features available on ClearOS. The ClearOS distribution now offers it's version 7, available in Community, Home, and Business editions. This latest release of ClearOS continues to build on the included features with new apps appearing in the ClearOS Marketplace, broadening further it's abilities. 




To read the entire article, check out Linux Voice Issue 18 (page 58-63).


ClearOS 7 Community Edition Release

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NEW ZEALAND - ClearFoundation today announced the official release of ClearOS 7 Community Edition. This marks the latest release of its long standing and industry award winning small business server operating system

ClearOS removes the complexity of deploying and managing server, network and gateway functions. ClearOS features Marketplace, an on board application installation engine that allows it’s users to dynamically expand the functionality of the server to include upwards of one hundred enterprise applications and has about another hundred on the road-map. :) 

 - ClearOS 7 Community Edition debuts many new features including:

 - Samba 4, Directory (a common Microsoft® Active Directory replacement)

 - New Google® Apps Connector

 - Updated Microsoft® Active Directory Connector

 - New DNSthingy App 

 - IPv6 Ready

 - Streamlined Theme System

 - Dynamic Dashboard

 - Updated Antispam and Antivirus Engines

 - Updated IDS and IPS Engines

 - Event and Alert Notification Framework

 - Internationalization

 - XFS and BTRFS Filesystem Support

 - Improved Virtualization Support (including Microsoft® Hyper-V)

With an active community of over 112,000 members, and deployments in over 150 countries (including millions of users), ClearOS continues to lead the market as the #1 small business server. As always, it’s also free, so the world can continue to benefit from its expanding functionality by using the following links:

ClearOS 7 Download:

ClearOS 7 Documentation:

ClearOS 7 Release Discussion: 

ClearOS 7 Community Forums:


Six New ClearOS 7 Master Download Mirrors Are Live

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You asked for it! ClearOS now has new master download mirrors in six new geographies including: Amsterdam, Frankfurt, New Zealand, London, Singapore and of course Utah. If you are considering setting up a public mirror site for ClearOS please email for guidelines to make sure that your mirror is consistent with the other mirror sites and new master mirrors.


Ring-a-Ding-Ding | ClearOS 7 Announced!

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Come and get IT! ClearFoundation today announced the initial release of ClearOS 7 (download here).


ClearOS 7 will be available as a single ISO/Image, and enable installations targeted for Home and Business environments, along with continuing to offer its free Community edition and will unveil an all new Hosted edition designed for hosting providers. Each edition will continue to offer on-demand Cloud Services and third party app integration.

New ClearOS 7 Features Include:

- Samba 4, Directory (Microsoft® Active Directory Replacement)

- New Google® Apps Connector

- Updated Microsoft Active Directory Connector

- IPv6 Ready

- Streamlined Theme System

- Dynamic Dashboard

- Updated Antispam and Antivirus Engines

- Updated IDS and IPS Engines

- Event and Alert Notification Framework

- Internationalization