12 May

Introducing the all new ClearBOX 700 Series Hybrid Smart Server

ClearCenter is excited to announce the release of the all new ClearBOX 700, Hybrid Smart Servers. This long awaited addition to the ClearBOX lineup delivers Hybrid IT, inclusive of enterprise functions, at small business prices. With life timing is everything, and with technology we know the timing for turn-key, smart, hybrid technology is now, and ClearBOX 700 is making this… [...]
11 May

ClearOS named #1 Server Distribution

ClearOS was recently named by Linux Voice the #1 server distribution for it's variety of server functions. ClearOS offers 100+ IT functions all easily installable through ClearOS Marketplace. ClearOS is dedicated to delivering a stable, scalable, and affordable solution for the Server, Network, Gateway and many Cloud Integrated technologies. Linux Voice said it best when they said: "The "Clear" advantage:… [...]
21 Apr

ClearBOX, Beam Tracking & Multi-WAN means Smooth Sailing

In conjunction with MarineVSAT (a ClearCenter Authorized Partner), we've developed technology for tracking vessels and maintaining Multi-WAN connectivity over satellite. ClearBOX offers the ability to manage maritime networks with direct integration to idirect systems. Reliable network connectivity and satellite beam switching are now possible, and easily managed through the ClearOS interface (on ClearBOX). This provides fleet managers with the location… [...]
19 Apr

Introducing The All New ClearBOX 500 Series Hybrid Smart Server

After years of development, we’re excited to announce a new line of Hybrid Smart Servers to the ClearBOX brand. The ClearBOX 500 Series marks the latest release from ClearCenter as they continue to define Hybrid IT with smart technologies for Server, Network and Gateway functions. These Hybrid Smart Servers provide robust functionality for small, medium, distributed, and enterprise environments. ClearBOX… [...]
11 Apr

Introducing The 4th Generation, ClearBOX 300 Hybrid Smart Appliance

We’re excited to announce the release of the 4th Generation, ClearBOX 300 Series. These Hybrid Smart Appliances provide robust IT functionality for small, medium and distributed IT environments. Focused on providing Server, Network, and Gateway functions, the ClearBOX 300 delivers over 100 features, deployed easily by the ClearOS Marketplace. Get yours today. The ClearBOX 300 offers the following advancements: ClearOS… [...]
30 Mar

Welcome To The New ClearCenter Store

First off we would like to thank the many ClearCenter Partners who helped perfect and test the new ClearBOX 500 & ClearBOX 700 Hybrid Smart Servers. This is a long an awaited exciting release and advancement for many. Along with the excitement and anticipation for the new ClearBOX 500 and ClearBOX 700 Hybrid Smart Servers, we know many partners have… [...]
07 Mar

ClearOS 7.2.0 Community has been released!

OFFICIAL NOTICE: ClearOS 7.2.0 Community Final, ClearOS 7.2 Business RC1, and ClearOS 7.2 Home RC1 has been just released yesterday - 7 March 2016. If you have downloaded a copy of this release and have bugs, issues, or feedback, please feel free to report it here in the forum thread. For ClearOS Home and Business versions, the prior release of ClearOS… [...]
07 Mar

Microsoft Starting To Share The SQL Love

ClearCenter is excited for the new wave of Microsoft* launch activities for Microsoft SQL Server 2016* with general availability later this year. This is the most significant release of Microsoft SQL Server* that has ever released, and brings with it some fantastic new capabilities. SQL Server 2016* on Linux will deliver:   Groundbreaking security encryption capabilities that enable data to… [...]
09 Feb

Transition From The Dying MSP Business Model To The New HSP Model Before It's To Late.

Here at ClearCenter, we are convinced that the best way to become a growing and profitable Service Provider is to transition from the dying Managed Service Provider (MSP) model to the new Hybrid Service Provider (HSP) model. According to Mordor Intelligence 2015-2020 Forecasts & Trends the Global Managed Services Market will grow to $229.59 billion by 2020 at a CAGR of 10.20%, from estimate… [...]
01 Jan

2015 Was The Year ​Linux And Open Source Won, Get Over It

Recently a wise researcher and writer Steven Vauhan-Nicolas published this insightful article. He states,"In 2015, Microsoft embraced Linux, Apple open-sourced its newest, hottest programming language, and the cloud couldn't run without Linux and open-source software. So, why can't people accept that Linux and open source have won the software wars?" And, "I'll make this simple for you. Open-source programmers, you've won. Relax already.… [...]


01 Dec

2015 ClearOS Family Appreciation Event

Join the ClearOS Holiday Family Appreciation event for lots of games, food, friends and fun on Thursday, December 17th at 5:00PM hosted by Montage Deer Valley, Utah 9100 Marsac Avenue Deer Valley Utah 84060 and sponsered by ClearCenter.  RSVP At: 801.851.5556  [...]
06 Nov

Microsoft Ventures Taps ClearCenter

Microsoft Ventures* has invited ClearCenter to join the Seattle Accelerator on December 15, 2015 for the selection day of the Data Science and Machine Learning cohort beginning February 2, 2016. More to come regarding the results of this possible partnership exploration...  About Microsoft VenturesMicrosoft Ventures is a global initiative empowering entrepreneurs around the world on their journey to build great… [...]