30 Sep

ClearFoundation Appoints President Loper

ClearFoundation's Community Oversight Committee is pleased to announced today that Dave Loper has been named President of ClearFoundation. Mr. Loper will manage the development and maintenance of the ClearFoundation community. His technology background and expertise will be valuable in defining the future plans and continued flourishment of ClearFoundation and ClearOS. We would like to thank John Terpstra for his service… [...]
29 Sep

ClearCenter Unveils Ground Breaking New Partner Program

Program tailored to new Hybrid Cloud Service Provider and Exclusive Partner Regions Salt Lake City, UT - October 1, 2010 - ClearCenter, a leading provider of open source Linux Server, Network and Gateway solutions, today unveiled a ground breaking Partner Program tailored to the new Hybrid Cloud Service Provider and an opportunity for Partners to have an exclusive region to… [...]
30 Aug

Quickbooks Enterprise 10 On ClearOS

A salesman comes to you and says, 'I have a client that is really excited about using ClearOS and getting rid of their over-complex environment.' Well maybe not this excited, but you get the point. You start to ask the technical questions and you find out that they are running Quickbooks Enterprise 10 (QBE10) in their environment. As the engineer… [...]
16 Aug

The Bug Is Dead

Many thanks go out to a number of people who have helped to close a bug which caused an error message to display when joining a Samba domain. What is significant and noteworthy about this bug and the resolution is that it required a team of people to solve it from multiple companies. The bug is described here at this… [...]
11 Aug

ClearCenter Details Hybrid Service Provider Strategy At CompTIA Breakaway 2010

ClearCenter’s ClearBOX and ClearOS on-premise solutions integrate seamlessly with cloud-based applications and services such as Google Apps. San Antonio, TX - August 9, 2010 - ClearCenter, a leading provider of open source Linux Server, Network and Gateway solutions, today detailed its Hybrid Service Provider strategy during the “Selling the Green IT Promise” panel discussion at CompTIA Breakaway 2010. ClearCenter’s ClearBOX… [...]
02 Aug

ClearBOX Now Running ClearOS 5.2

ClearBOX running ClearOS 5.2 is released! This release includes new features and utilities. Some of these features are contributions from community members and innovations at ClearCenter labs. In addition to the great features provided by ClearOS 5.2, ClearBOX 300 now features: Ability to reinstall the system without a network connection using on-board data. Ability to reinstall the system and preserve… [...]
21 Jul

ClearOS Enterprise 5.2 Has Been Released!

Thank you to our great development team at ClearFoundation and the many contributions and suggestions from the ClearFoundation community. With each release we improve the over-all feature base and performance of ClearOS, the leading open source linux server, network and gateway solution for small business and distributed environments. The primary ClearOS 5.2 changes include: Password policy engine to improve security Detailed… [...]
14 Jun

ClearOS Enterprise 5.2 Beta 1 Available!

The ClearOS Enterprise 5.2 Beta 1 release is here! Apart from squashing the important bugs, the big news with this release is the available upgrade path from ClearOS 5.1. Please keep in mind that this is still a beta, so proceed with the usual caution. Other changes since 5.2 Alpha 1 include: Completed password policy engineFixed disk usage reportUpdated SpamAssassinMany bug… [...]


18 Nov

Have You Started Your 2010 Plan?

2010 will be a key year for MSP's, Google Apps & open source which will be a primary driver of the global reset in IT spending expectations. With less money flowing into the pockets of fewer vendors, we can expect to see both increased consolidation and fierce competition for the IT spending that remains. Those MSP's & vendors that can… [...]
08 Nov

Economic Downturn Rewards Innovations Like ClearOS

Sometimes downturns in the economy create a healthy atmosphere. Recently John Gerzema spoke on the power consumers have to drive innovation in post-recession times. Consumers demand lower prices and less hassle. Producers are thrust into a reality of innovate or die. Although some see it as a time of economic pain and frustration, others see opportunity. In these circumstances, producers… [...]
06 Nov

Partner Feedback

Over the last month or two I have been updating our listing of contact information for our registered ClearCenter partners. Naturally, we carried over the Partner Directory straight from the ClarkConnect website, and things are a little bit out of date. Since we're making a pretty big move to a new brand and even a new kind of partner program,… [...]