29 Oct

Open Source Gets DOD’s Long-Awaited Blessing

Open Source projects complete (and often exceed) commercial software. If the United States Department of Defense (US DOD) can put open source on equal footing with commercial software, the entire market is shifting to a new paradigm of software development. The writing on the wall? "All software will soon be open source. The software market needs to shift its business… [...]
20 Oct

ClearOS, A Perfect Solution For The Perfect Storm

Today we are all influenced by economic forces beyond our control. The IT industry is one that has been hit particularly hard. Not only are companies moving their IT needs to the cloud and increasingly adopting SAAS solutions, but the money that once supported a large in-house IT department just isn't there anymore. Last year 1.2 million IT jobs were… [...]
15 Oct

Silicon Slopes and the UTOSC

ClearCenter has a presence on the Silicon Slopes of northern Utah, in league with the other famous tech development regions like Silicon Valley and Silicon Glen. Living in this area it's an amazing realization that there is a high density of innovative, technology-driven startups and prominent industry heavyweights. Maybe just about everyone has hundreds of catchy geek billboards lining their… [...]
07 Aug

ClearOS - Free Install CD for Linux-Magazin Readers

ClarkConnect 5.0 (now ClearOS) install CD ships with German Linux-Magazin Readers of the German "Linux-Magazin" get a sneak peek of ClarkConnect 5.0 and the new features to be included. The special issue "Safeguarding Data" from Linux-Magazin includes a CD copy of ClarkConnect 5.0 beta 3 with prime placement on the full front cover. Linux-Magazin sets the pace for many early… [...]
06 Aug

Team Photo - Day Two

ClearCenter Team and Some Partner - CompTIA Breakaway 2009 [...]
13 Jul

ClearSDN - Mega Chip Man Come Learn About ClearSDN

The open source revolution is well underway. Welcome ClearIT to the game! ClearCenter provides an open service delivery platform uniquely tailored to fit the IT needs of small business and distributed environments that is simple, secure & affordable.ClearOS & ClearSDN was developed in the labs at Point Clark Networks back in 2000.  From day one, the solution was designed to… [...]