maor dassa
maor dassa
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i am trying to get into my site ( and I think ClearOS proxy/firewall is blocking the site.. also I put the IP in the white list.. did bypass with "web proxy server" to the ip..
there is any other option to check it?
maybe I can see why this somewhere the log and see why the ClearOS is blocking the site?
thanks guys
Wednesday, March 03 2021, 08:23 AM
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    Wednesday, March 03 2021, 11:27 AM - #Permalink
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    Please check the app documentation (the sloping book icon). Bypassing the proxy has to be done both in the proxy and in the client and is messy. Ony use FQDN's if an FQDN covers a single IP. If it covers a block of IP's e.g., then you need to whitelist the whole IP block. More commonly you will want an authentication exception.

    It is a good idea to bypass the proxy for the local LAN on you client. No configuration in ClearOS is needed for this.
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