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UPDATE: Problem Resolved

After posting this message, I decided to install a CA via Certificate Manager. I created the certificates and installed them. When I logged out of Clear Foundation 1.4.8-1, logged back in and surfed to MySQL Server, I restarted the Server again, then clicking on the Goto MySQL Manager presented the PHPMyAdmin login interface. I was able to successfully log in. All is well!


I'm running Clear Foundation Platform 1.4.8-1 and MySQL Server 1.2.6-1. When I installed and launched MySQL for the first time, the MySQL Server wasn't running and I received the warning message that the Goto MySQL Management Tool was unavailable when MySQL Server was not running (NORMAL). When I clicked on Start, The MySQL Server started and the Management Tool came up. However, when I click on the Management Tool, I'm redirected to a page that states: Not Found - The requested URL /mysql was not found on this server.

Can anyone assist by telling me why I'm getting this message. I have an Incoming and Egress Firewall installed and running but I don't see any protocols that need to be filtered in Content Filter nor do I believe there are any ports that need to be open to accommodate the MySQL server. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Dan Calloway
Wednesday, February 27 2013, 03:32 AM
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