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I just made a fresh installation, update, and I set Samba directly.

Groups show always "No data available in table"


The groups are created, I can see from Windows Domain Controller manager

I tried reinstalling Samba via

But it still the same
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Tuesday, August 08 2017, 06:39 PM
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    Sunday, October 01 2017, 09:01 AM - #Permalink
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    I have same issue.
    I'm tried to fix groups plugin, but fail :)
    But i have workaround for openvpn_plugin and certificates_manager plugins:
    1. Add user to vpn groups via windows mgmt console
    2. Disable group verification in plugins:

    [root@dc ~]# diff /usr/clearos//apps/user_certificates/controllers/openvpn.php_orig /usr/clearos//apps/user_certificates/controllers/openvpn.php
    < $is_cert_user = ($user_info['plugins']['user_certificates']) ? TRUE : FALSE;
    > $is_cert_user = ($user_info['plugins']['user_certificates']) ? TRUE : TRUE;
    [root@dc ~]# diff /usr/clearos//apps/user_certificates/controllers/certificates.php /usr/clearos//apps/user_certificates/controllers/certificates.php_orig
    < #else if (!$is_cert_user)
    < # $this->page->view_form('disabled', $data, lang('user_certificates_app_name'));
    > else if (!$is_cert_user)
    > $this->page->view_form('disabled', $data, lang('user_certificates_app_name'));

    It's very bad workaround, but it helps me with openvpn.
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