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I've recently started to use ClearOS, and came across an issue with the Bare Metal Backup and Restore, in that it doesn't recognise USB drives that are formatted and inserted.

This is quite annoying, as it is supposed to work.

The good news is that I've found the problem: you can see the pull request here:

If you can't wait for the maintainer to implement this change, you can do so yourself. Here's how to do it:
1) Log into the command line for your ClearOS server
2) Type the following into the command line (as root)

nano /usr/clearos/apps/bmbackup/libraries/Bmbackup.php

3) Hold down control and press "w". At least that's on a mac / linux system, not sure how control characters are handled in a terminal on windows. This will ask you what string you want to search for.

4) Type 'usb-storage' without the quotes and press return.

5) You should see a line like this:

            if (trim($proc_name) <> "usb-storage") {

Replace it with this:
            if ((trim($proc_name) <> "usb-storage") && (trim($proc_name) <> "(null)")) {

You may need to press control-k to kill the existing line before pasting in the line above.

6) Press control-x, then "y" and return to save it.

7) Reload your Bare Metal Backup page, and the USB drive should show up there, at least it did for me.

Good luck.
Wednesday, May 02 2018, 07:56 AM
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