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Hi All,
Today i have share some problems and need everyone help or give best ideas.

We are use ClearOS over 10 year, they are start user version 5.1, 6.0 and current 7.0 under community package.

My setting ;
- Gateway Mode
- Multi WAN
- 2 External LAN for ISP, 2 Internal LAN for client and VPN
Eth0 : local LAN for all client and dhcp server
Eth1 : WAN 1
Eth2 : WAN 2
Eth3 : local LAN, VPN trunk port and static route to external VPN gateway
Eth0.1 : local LAN for server

- Web Proxy Server and Content Filter, use proxy on transparent mode, static proxy port 8080 to all client and user content filter control by ip group
- Port Forward / Incoming Port /

All version pass use same configure (DHCP, IP Setting, IP Group for content filter, Content filter Group)
Before install ClearOS on physical server and working around 7-8 years. Current move from physical to VM solution.

My issues
- Sometime website very slow until stop working, if restart squid can back to normal
- Block download by files extension not working

Server info/spec
Dell R750
HDD 300G
NIC 4 Port
Tuesday, February 28 2023, 07:24 AM
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