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ClearOS 6.7.0 Released

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ClearOS 6.7.0 has been released for both Community and Professional Editions.  Now that ClearOS 7 is available, the ClearOS 6 release series has entered maintenance mode.  Security and bug fixes will continue to be released - you can find detailed changelog information in the ClearOS 6.7.0 Release Notes.




ClearOS 7 Beta Update - July 10, 2015

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The following updates have been pushed to the ClearOS 7 Beta in the last couple of weeks:

New Apps

 - Disk Usage

 - Developer Tools

 - MariaDB (MySQL Replacement)

 - Print Server

The last two apps were in the repos for quite some time, but had not yet been audited for ClearOS 7. Both are now up-to-date. In addition:

 - The development environment has been updated so that third party developers can build apps in a native ClearOS 7 platform.

 - The Software Updates app now includes a dashboard widget

Build System

A new build system for ClearOS 7 is just about ready for prime time -- check it out!  More on this topic later.


ClearOS 7.1 Beta 2 Released

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ClearOS 7.1.0 Beta 2 has arrived! This release contains major improvements and insight to the eventual release of ClearOS 7 and replaces ClearOS 7.0.0 Beta 1 as the current running beta.  ClearOS 7.1.0 will feature a Community, Home, and Business versions with all versions installing from the same download image. ClearOS version 7.1 introduces:

 - Samba 4, Directory (Microsoft® Active Directory Replacement)

 - New Google® Apps Connector

 - Updated Microsoft Active Directory Connector

 - Streamlined Theme System

 - Dynamic Dashboard

 - Updated Antispam and Antivirus Engines

 - Updated IDS and IPS Engines

 - Event and Alert Notification Framework

 - Internationalization

 - XFS and BTRFS Filesystem Support

 - Improved VM Support

Download: 64-bit DVD ISO (785 MB) 

  • MD5sum: 574d87819c177161e15b59d4a867b2d8
  • SHA256sum: 318126bcfd7f7c65200c8df02f82f179d7fb22c2a820819431ed03f0e9a1ef19