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Candy Crush is a popular match-three puzzle video game developed by King. The game was first released for Facebook in April 2012 and later expanded to other platforms, including mobile devices like iOS and Android. The objective of the game is to match three or more candies of the same color by swapping adjacent candies. When matched, these candies are cleared from the board, and new ones fall from the top to fill the empty spaces.
The game is known for its colorful and visually appealing design, as well as its addictive gameplay. The game features various levels, each with different challenges and goals that players must complete within a limited number of moves. As players progress through the levels, they may encounter special candies with unique abilities, obstacles, and other elements that add complexity to the gameplay.
Candy Crush has become one of the most successful and widely played mobile games, with millions of players around the world. It has also inspired numerous spin-off games and merchandise, making it a significant part of the casual gaming landscape.


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