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We are changing the way we release ISOs. Because our release cycle hits different boxes in different ways depending on Community, Home or Business uses and because we use a unified ISO system, we are changing the release mechanisms for ClearOS ISOs. As you may know, the ClearOS ISO features only the quality assured packages that Home and Business users would get. This is because Community is the first to consume post-QA packages. This way, installing ClearOS means that you can stay with a version version that has qualified updates without getting any potential tainted packages.

Also, because every version of the ISO can be used to update the previous version, ISO releases are less useful for the purposes of getting an install. You can use a 7.2 ISO, for example and run updates after you register and be up to date. So the big reason for having a more current ISO then changes to one where having the latest simply saves you on performing updates. Since 7.3.0, many updates have occurred and many of you notices a huge update to the language support in ClearOS. So, do we have to wait until 7.4 to release to get an ISO that has these rolled up update packages? Not at all.

Switching to quarterly updates is the best of both worlds.

The new - 2017 Q3 ISO is hot off the press. You can download the latest ISO from here:

The release notes for can be found here.

The new 6.x ISO will follow.
Friday, June 30 2017, 04:33 PM
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