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  • I goofed. The app-owncloud-business package was not pushed last night. If that was what you were using, try updating again.

  • Patrick,

    I've filed your feedback as a bug. Tyler isn't here yet in the office to ping him on it but I've assigned the bug to him:

  • Dave Loper

    Yes, you are spot on about NetworkManager being the ultimate way forward. There is some difficulty with the 7 roadmap which makes things quite unstable if NM is enabled. That being said, NM isn't required for wireless LAN but it is pretty much required for WWAN since the mbim libraries are highly developed for working with NetworkManager. In ClearOS 8 we must embrace Network Manager.

  • Dave Loper

    Wireless access was unbolted from the app-network stack because it only supported WEP and the maintainer at the time didn't have cycles to integrate the WPA and better auth. It would probably work there best as a new model/library so that configuration can be done in one-stop.

    This would also ultimately allow for wireless NICs to share the same bridge as physical NICs. I've worked on a project before which used ClearOS as an AP where the AP was just bridged to a bank of NICs. What this gave as a situation similar to many off the shelf routers which bridge the wireless to the bank of 4 NICs.

  • Dave Loper
    Dave Loper replied to a discussion, How to get CLEAR Tokens

    Thanks Mike!

    The community is already using ClearOS, so they should benefit greatly from this program with very little additional effort.

  • I agree. I tend to think it is more of a NAT problem. Have you found any way to cause it to occur. When it does occur, are only a few machine affected while others seem to work just fine?

  • Sometimes I fake out my system so that it thinks there are multiple NICs so that I can use the MultiWAN. I do this if I know that I'm going to add a NIC later.

    Set up a bridge and have it be external but don't put any interfaces on it. You can also do that with a VLAN.

  • I've talked with Tyler and will coordinate with Shad to see if we can get a testing repo as a sort of mirror for the latest updates. That way we can simply push any patches from Kopano that don't break things. I need to get approval from Kopano to do this though because this isn't open source and I cannot simply distribute without their approval. I'll update you Tuesday or after once I have a few days to work through some of the contacting and logistics.

  • Also, do you have 2 (or more) NICs. MultiWAN must have two and you need to have valid pipes to the internet. Let us say for example that your two External NICs are eno1 and enp2s0f1, you should have success running the following:

    ping -I eno1
    ping -I enp2s0f1

    That is a minus capital-'I' as in indigo.

  • Nick is often very conservative about tooting his own horn but there has been quite a lot that has happened over the past few months. Of course he is always looking forward and onward to the next issue which but I will recap some of the things we have accomplished this last quarter specifically with the community wish list. Bear in mind that Nick and I have specific priorities and obligations to ClearCenter and her customers that can preempt our time on things we get to do for the community. Some of these tasks indirectly resolve outstanding community issues as well, and sometimes it may appear like we are ignoring the needs but we are obligated in our jobs to fulfill Business user requests and features which dialog is not often apparent to the community.

    Outside of the 50+ hours a week I'm putting in for ClearCenter, I often get the opportunity to work on some community things. This always includes the Saturday morning community conference call (volunteered time) as well as some development.

    Training. We have been giving training to members in the community that have shown up to the meetings on Saturday that enables them to commit code and understand how our process is working.
    Merge Requests. The most fast-tracked feature requests are those that are accompanied by a merge request. We actually have several that are related to the network stack that are in the process of being merged. Kudos to Todd!!!
    Translation. Along the same lines, we have been improving localization for Dutch from the work of Marcel!!
    Antivirus. This is one where Nick has not tooted his own horn but we just had a great update to the antivirus stack from his work. This was non-trivial and we are excited by how much Nick was able to do to get this done for all of us.
    Logs. Another feature request that Nick fixed was some logging issues.
    Flexshare. Here is another quite one that didn't get filed as a proper bug but Nick fixed it anyway in app-flexshare-2.4.14. The enables are working now per your request ;).

    While not on this thread, the addition of the code to the app-storage has been a lingering task for years that is finally being addressed. This will allow for better control over disks that are attached and aid in the provisioning of disks. We fully anticipate MORE feature requests around this app to improve functionality and look forward to any merge requests from intrepid community members that want to improve the app.

    On the Kopano front, we are in the last stages of migrating some of the marketplace process flow and update mechanisms from an older system. For us this is an obvious barrier to anything Kopano related items that has prevented engagement. That being said, your (Patrick) foraging into using the Kopano repos is actually a brilliant innovation that can be leveraged greatly to solve the maintenance issues with Kopano. I will discuss this with Shad when I see him next but if you can detail all the steps you did to set it up and anything you do to maintain it the way you have it will be quite useful moving forward.