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  • PHP Engines was a contribution from community members and it is pretty awesome compared to what we used to have. That being said, it has a scalability issue in its design, obviously. Nick's workaround should work well. We will be working on these over the next few days but the app itself needs a bit of a rewrite.

    Currently the app requires the php versions. It should be more liberal and run even if no engines are installed. The engines themselves should be app-ified and placed in the marketplace. They should require php-engines but not the other way around. That way we can poll from the marketplace which ones are available for install and can poll from the installed list. This way it is open ended and the app shouldn't care what is installed or not installed from a dependency standpoint.

  • We are pushing new updates to this today in case you are interested in trying it out on Gen 10 gear.

  • The iLO app is scoped to read the redfish DMTF data using the app-redfish library. Currently, the app-ilo only understands newer HPE Gen10 servers but the app-redfish should be able to pull any and all DMTF data from whatever the source. The layout and the format is a bit specific in app-ilo and my assumption is that Gen8 gear isn't in the same layout. Hence the 'Item not Found' error.

    It is possible though, that it is authenticating correctly and that the app-ilo only needs to be tweaked to allow for the proper schema. If you want to help us improve this fully open source app, you can start by hitting your Gen8 or Gen9 box with a program called 'Postman'

    For example, my get request in Postman for Gen10 looks like this:

    I'm using 'Basic Auth' with the administrator username and password for iLO.

    Here is another great utility for exploring the schema. Unfortunately it does not have the MicroServer Gen 8 but from what I understand, the MicroServer Gen 8 is more of a Gen9 iLO schema. I could be wrong though:

    If you are interested, we can explore doing a backwards compatibility project in the community but HPE's interest in doing new dev work on old platforms is low.

  • Dave Loper
    Dave Loper replied to a discussion, ClearOS 7.6 Community Release


    Thank you for your bug report. Hopefully, Nick's fix addressed your principal concern. If you would like business quality updates, please use the business version. I'm quite confident that this last error caused no issues for Business or Home users and that the impact on Community was simply to cease the flow of new updates until this was resolved (ie. not critical). If you want better quality Community releases, documentation, and processes for your community production boxes, please participate in QA/Updates-Testing, documentation, and processes. I thank everyone in the community that has helped with feedback during this release. We recognize that there have been bumps. Nick's only error was to apologize for being new at this. His fixes did not cause any catastrophic error and having no reports from the community to the fitness of the package, it was decided to be pushed. Nick is doing a great job. We are actively seeking QA testers that can help approve releases to the community. Part of the goal for last Saturday's meeting with the community was to address concerns and to give free advice on ClearOS and training to community members who want to participate more. We will do this again this weekend.

    In the past this upgrade process was in the realm of a single person who was very good at checking many things (he had learned through his own experiences and even had his own mistakes along the way). Nick is stepping into this role with the mandate of involving the community in the community updates. This includes community documentation which, as you may have seen, Nick is very good at. Nick and I have only have been meeting almost daily during this update cycle to review fixes that have needed to occur. I signed off on the package that was pushed and so it is my fault as well. I did not perform the unit test that would have detected this because the old test system is not applicable to our new process. What I didn't miss was putting the requirement in there for it to require the dependency. Had that packaged pushed without that version of system-base as a requirement, bad things would have happened. So you are welcome. I've only known Nick to push 1 package without a consensus of a plurality of participants in the QA process and that package was done yesterday at your request and insistence to fix this issue and in an effort to please you with a quick response. The community is grateful for his years of support both on and off the ClearCenter team. It is likely that you didn't mean or intend any disrespect.

  • ACK. Thanks for the report. I can confirm this as well on my system.

  • Our Docker support is pretty crappy right now but that is changing. And yes, we will be using podman instead going forward.

    Containers present both an obvious and powerful approach to server objects. Now that we have some of the updates out of the way our focus will shift to these newer architecture formats. There are a number of underpinnings that need to shift in order to make this work well without breaking some of our existing infrastructure, especially around the network stack.

    As you have seen, we already have some services in the marketplace that use docker and that there is an app-docker that solves some basic things. That being said, there are newer tools that we are going to leverage soon in the community to get rapid and exponential services listed in ClearOS. I'm glad to have your experience and will make sure to ping you anytime we make some commits that you may want to try.

  • Dave Loper
    Dave Loper replied to a discussion, ClearOS 7.6 Community Release

    Thanks for reporting that feature Dirk and thanks Marcel for submitting the feature request. The feature request page was temporary to raise awareness of the new method of reporting in GitLab. Literally any feature you care about and want to promote can be made there. GitLab has allowed us to consolidate a number of things including the Feature request process which is now more open and participatory. We used to maintain internal spreadsheets, polls, documents, some features were posted to the other tracker. All of these are being migrated to this new process. Feel free to add anything you care about or you can even jump in and help now in more participatory ways. We have some documentation that makes this easy and are working to make even more of it easier to consume. From the old tracker we have moved all issues that were 'pegged' to a specific release target. What remains is a large list of 'unsorted' items. Feel free to add those to feature requests if you like.

    Make sure to like (thumbs up) any feature request you feel passionate about. It helps to inform us of what is important to our users. To do this,

    1) log into GitLab
    2) go to the features request or issue you care about
    3) click the thumbs up or thumbs down

    Thanks for your feedback.

  • Dave Loper
    Dave Loper replied to a discussion, Community Report - 2019-04-20

    Please note that the new forum link will likely go away or change such as it is. It is in a very beta state and is for test so keep that in mind. We need to validate some things here, gather feedback to see if this is the way we want to proceed internally and externally.

    To do that we need to test theming elements, data migration, and user authentication methods. So don’t be surprised if any posts here are deleted, if stuff goes from working to broken, or if you cannot log in.

  • Dave Loper
    Dave Loper replied to a discussion, Community Report - 2019-04-20

    Yes, I'm aware of this. We are doing some theming and the engineers doing it are just coming online over the next few hours. I'll give some updates as well on the docs migration steps and what can be done to help.

  • Dave Loper
    Dave Loper replied to a discussion, ClearOS 7.6 Community Release

    This is that bad grub error that was fix. I'll see why it isn't working soon.