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  • Dave Loper
    Dave Loper replied to a discussion, Rlex don't run correclty

    I'll try and re-duplicate your settings over the next couple of days.

  • Dave Loper
    Dave Loper replied to a discussion, NEW ClearOS 7.3.1 Test ISO!!!

    Yes, that should be correct. The ISO that is tagged officially as 7.3.1 will be the quarterly roll up that should happen at the beginning of Q2. We are transitioning into a long term model where the ISO is released with all the rollup updates each quarter since the install is always that same and updates can merely be applied. It makes sense to do it this way because our ISO is merely a reflection of what is in verified updates as opposed to the community release packages. This is done so that whether you are community, home, or business, you get the better quality packages on the ISO...always.

  • The private-* repos will eventually go away. Maybe not in 7 but for sure in 8. The old method was to use repos for individual apps in the marketplace. This is not scalable because we envision hundreds and thousands of apps in the marketplace. As the marketplace has gotten bigger, we can see some needs to update both the scalability and security of the process. A new method for entitlement has been achieved but it is largely untested and is full of some 'unknowns' that requires a concerted beta which we don't see except in major releases.

    Thanks for reporting issues on this though, it really does help to find solutions and provide the essential feedback loop.

  • Dave Loper
    Dave Loper replied to a discussion, No logon server is available

    Can you post for me the values you are using in:




  • Dave Loper
    Dave Loper replied to a discussion, HotLAN won't ARP

    One test is to temporarily assign the network as LAN and validate that the firewall is not the issue. Keep in mind that NICs can go bad. If your chassis will handle it, try temporarily adding another nic.

  • Nick is correct. It looks like your computer isn't recognizing the additional nic. A link light simply tells you if there is power coming to the NIC from the other host. NICs will send a signal and a voltage down the line which causes the other nic to illuminate on the link light. In some cases this link is power actually derived from the other box and as such till illuminate regardless of the power situation on the local machine. Some nics don't function that way but the design is only to demonstrate hardware links...not software compatibility or drive function.

    If you have a link to a website that shows the model of your other NIC we might be able to give some pointers. But without knowing what kind it is, it make it kind of hard. Worst case scenario, take a picture of it (both sides) and post that here in this thread.

  • Localization...mostly. Nearly every app is affected by the localization updates and the ones that came yesterday are part of the core translations that appear on the ISO and wizard experience. More apps are to follow as they get localization added. We will also be bringing online tools to the community that they can use to fix, correct, and contribute to the machine-based translation that has already been done. Stay tuned.

    There was also a feature introduced which allows you to use an upstream proxy for your ClearOS instance. We believe that it works well for updates but there will be apps that don't yet work with it. The marketplace is iffy. This should be considered 1.0 version of this feature so expect some hiccups. The nice thing about having it in there is now application developers can start to write their out-of-band web requests that require proxy support against this library.

    This should only appear on your external interface(s) and can be set if you cannot make exceptions to your proxy rules for your ClearOS implementation. It is still better to not use a proxy since we cannot account for how other apps may or may not use the underlying frame work. A good analogy is the proxy settings for IE in Windows that have been there for years an which were used by the OS and the apps from Microsoft but only recently has been adopted by such other applications as 'Firefox'. We are in that situation as well.

  • Yes...just make sure that you have your DNS in order. I usually never set up anything in my default /var/www/html site except for redirects to the virtual ones. That way it is all virtual domains.

    Just use the web server app to make your virtual domains.

  • Dave Loper
    Dave Loper started a new discussion, NEW ClearOS 7.3.1 Test ISO!!!

    NEW ClearOS 7.3.1 Test ISO!!!

    This is not a typo. We actually have a significant new ISO in the works on the heels of the 7.3.0 release. These updates are already in updates-testing and you can follow the usual procedures to update to update to these patches once Peter has uploaded them to his QA servers. Or if you have test-only boxes that can tolerate volatile RPMs [ie. has snapshots], you can enable the updates testing repo and get a look. We plan on pushing this update quite soon to the community so please test it early if you can and let us know if you see any problems.

    The two primary features on this update are:

    * Localization into 80+ languages
    * Proxy settings capability for external facing NICs for ClearOS behind proxy servers

    I've already made a test ISO and you can now download it from here: