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  • So I needed to get makemkv for this to work the way that I wanted. Here is what I did:

    1) Install ClearOS and set up a flexshare for makemkv
    2) Install docker from command line:

    yum -y install docker docker-compose
    systemctl start docker
    systemctl enable docker

    3) Create a manual startup script (touch /root/makemkv && chmod 700 /root/makemkv && vi /root/makemkv):


    docker stop makemkv
    docker pull jlesage/makemkv
    docker rm makemkv
    cd /var/clearos/makemkv/

    docker run -d \
    --name=makemkv \
    -p 5801:5800 \
    -v /var/clearos/makemkv:/config:rw \
    -v /var/flexshare/shares/makemkv/storage:/storage:ro \
    -v /var/flexshare/shares/makemkv/output:/output:rw \
    --device /dev/sr0 \
    --device /dev/sg1 \

    4) run the script


    From there, I manage the install on http://local_lan_ip:5801 with the password CHANGEME. I had to add both /dev/sr0 and /dev/sg1 in order to get the auto-processing to work but now the behavior is that if this is running, it will automatically process objects on a DVD greater than 600MB.

    I can now use the output files in handbrake.

  • Dave Loper
    Dave Loper started a new discussion, Shout out to the Cyrus Community

    Shout out to the Cyrus Community

    I just wanted to give a shout out to the Cyrus IMAP community. As you may know, Cyrus powers the POP and IMAP application in the ClearOS Marketplace that has been a staple of the ClearOS Community since before I was even involved. Cyrus is heavily integrated into ClearOS and features a number of addon products to make it all turnkey on ClearOS. Some of the apps that work hand in hand are:

    Mail Antimalware (ClamAV, ClearCenter Antivirus Definitions, and 3rd party)
    TikiWiki (in development, beta)

    The Cyrus team is great and they are looking for volunteers to make their products even better. Feel free to get involved!

  • Dave Loper
    Dave Loper replied to a discussion, Docker (status)?

    We are working on a framework for covering Docker. For sure this is something that will be on version 8 but I will try not to distract Peter so much so he can actually have some time to work on it since it will play prominently in ClearOS 8.

  • Putting together a video DVD backup on ClearOS

    So, I've been toying with the idea of having my MicroServer Gen10 that has a DVD player automatically backup any video DVD put into it. It would be really cool if it could autosense between DVDs and CD and do the MP4 or MP3 based on the media detected but if I can only do the DVD thing that will be great. The idea is:

    1 - Place a stack of DVDs I want to backup near my MicroServer
    2 - Insert DVD I want to backup
    3 - Auto-backup DVD to output directory
    4 - Eject the disk
    5 - When seeing the disk ejected, return to step 2...repeat until my RAID array is full or my collection is fully backed up.

    So here is what I've done so far...

    - Install ClearOS with Flexshares and Plex
    - Setup group (fs-handbrake) and user (handbrake)
    - Configure all the things to get plex and flexshares working together
    - From command line, install docker elements (yum install docker docker-compose)
    - Make directory (mkdir /var/clearos/handbrake && cd /var/clearos/handbrake)
    - Pull handbrake image (docker pull jlesage/handbrake)
    - Run docker for handbrake:

    So far, so good. I can connect to the web instance of VNC and it looks like this:

    So, the next pieces I need to get working are:

    - Get docker-compose to work
    - Figure out how to get it to automatically process the DVD drive
    - Figure out how to eject the drive when done processing the image

    The site for the image is very useful:
    Anyone else want to help me get this fully functional?

  • ClearOS 6 and 7 do not use Network Manager but ClearOS 8 will likely use it.

    For those installing Network Manager after the fact for testing and dev work, there is an update coming soon in the upstream repos.

  • Dave Loper
    Dave Loper replied to a discussion, ClearGlass Data

    We don't have any turnkey method just yet but it is a roadmap item for the future. Here are the important things to backup:

    1. MongoDB - account data (e.g. users, orgs, clouds, machines, rules, etc)
    2. InfluxDB - monitoring data
    3. Elasticsearch - logs

    These are all docker images so you will need to manually use docker methods and methods for the particular service to back them up. The good news is that anything we talk about specifically here will be useful to the scope of work when it comes time to backup the server. We might even be able to make a script in ClearGLASS that backs it up on a schedule ;)

    If community members want to jump in, I'll put in a little time this week to tackle one or two of these.

  • Dave Loper
    Dave Loper replied to a discussion, Clearos install vga 1024

    Graphic-wise, if you must have video output, you may have a bit of a road to travel for obscure monitor and video card drivers. Luckily, ClearOS is meant to operate headless, so if you can get the IP address off of the server, skip the pain and torture and just use the web interface. You can find the IP address by using CTRL+ALT+F3 to switch to the F3 console. Log in as root and run:

    ip address

    This will show your your ip addresses if your box is on DHCP. Simply put that into your browser and go to town.

    If you need to manually set up a static IP address, you can modify the appropriate NIC file in /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-NICNAME using 'Method 1' here:

  • Dave Loper
    Dave Loper replied to a discussion, Clearos install vga 1024

    You can also do the install in text mode with no video. Parameters to try on the grub line are:




    Worst case scenario, you can install via console over serial.

  • You can configure SSH (can be a headache), or you can simply run the commands listed above in PowerShell. The following documentation exists for ClearGLASS Community:

    The document you are looking for is here:

    (Sorry the images are broken right now. I'm having someone fix them)

  • Dave Loper
    Dave Loper replied to a discussion, ClearGlass Data

    Costing data is dynamic and shows your run rate and not your actual accruals.

    Nothing on the ClearGLASS server is stored on ClearCenter servers. The exception to this is in a SaaS version which is on the roadmap. But for Community and Business editions, this is all on your local server. I have a meeting with our dev team tomorrow and will ask them about the monitoring data and key store. Likely this is done in the MongoDB container but I'll confirm.