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      Posted on Tuesday, 06 October 2009

    When I ran ClarkConnect in the past (version 2.1 - 5), one of the things I really wanted was some nice how-to's on setting up VPN and other advanced topics...while those never materialized...I do know that they can be done with little documentation. I've seen the ease of use Amahi Home Server brings and I think that ClearOS for the Home Server could take a page from them. Amahi is a server OS that actually 'gets it' for end users. They've made a plugin/module framework that allows just about anything to be installed on the webserver and gives a nice, handy interface to control it all and even updates. ClearOS for Home should target people who don't have a ton of experience managing and updating a server. Until you do that, you're just ClearOS for business that happens to be used at home. Reference: