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  • Charles Sicher wrote:

    The good news I have it installed, at least it appears to be, the bad news I can't log into it with any account I have on my system.

    Not sure if you can login as Admin, but reset otherwise your admin password to ensure you can login and finish your setup.

  • The Community Meeting on 15th Feb will be held at 19.00 UTC

    Community Meetings are held every Saturday at noon UTC. You can join the meeting here:
    +1 470-228-6361‬ PIN: ‪966 984 580‬#

    Previous minutes

    - Introductions.
    Meeting was attended by Nick Howitt, Marcel van Leeuwen and Patrick de Brabander.

    - Review recent progress
    Release app-dns and why it was reversed
    App-network has had an update from Eric Ampire to add back a speed test icon to external VLAN's.
    App-network to be updated by Team Canada
    Patrick took us through what he is doing with app-kopano to add a user selectable backup folder.

    - Merge Request Status
    app-network - updated by Eric Ampire. More bugs need to be squashed before release.
    app-openvpn - waiting further input from Eric Ampire.
    app-attack-detector - waiting further input from Josue Yenga.

    - Bug Report Status
    Team Canada to fix #40 and #21.
    Team India working on app-dns

    Still have critical bugs and missing functionality in app-sia

    - Training
    Nick went through Patrick's update and gave pointers to other apps which have bits of code doing something similar, so may be useful as examples.

    - Features Review

    - Notes:

    - Work in Progress and team commits:
    New app-network is plodding along. Current issue is with External VLANs (#40)

    - AOB
    We discussed a new time for the meeting and are going to hold the next one at 19.00 UTC on Saturday 15th Feb.


    Here is a tentative agenda for the next meeting:

    - Introductions
    - Review of last week's progress
    - Review apps/bugs to be fixed in the near future
    - Merge Request Status
    - Bug Report Status

    - Localization Review
    - Features Review

    - Continue to gather goals for the Rest of the Year
    - Continue to gather goals for Quarter
    - Continue to gather goals for Month
    - Continue to gather goals for the Week

  • Let's hope something is happening on short notice.
    Progress on Clear side is pretty slow the last years (besides Nick involvement)
    The intentions are not visible due the lack of support or communication from management at this moment.

  • Hi Tony, indeed very nice that forums are a lot quicker! I also agree with you that it took too long but you should know that the resources of ClearCenter at the moment are very limited.

    I'm not sure if it is already final but they want to move to other forum software. I think it is the Discourse forum software.

  • Patrick de Brabander
    Patrick de Brabander likes the reply for the discussion, Re: Forum Slow

    Hi all,
    In order to fix the site speed, all the ClearOS documentation has been pulled off onto another subdomain and redirects have been put in place. If you find any broken links, then please let me know. Also, if you see any serious formatting problems such as in the Active Directory Connector Troubleshooting page, again, please post here.

  • Nick Howitt wrote:

    Any chance of a further test update:We missed that IMAP and POP are defaulted off in a new installation. I've also moved the certificate initialisation to the install script from the update script.

    Both changes should have no effect on an installation made before the update, but for new updates IMAP/POP should now be working (preffed on by "disabled_features =" rather than "#disabled_features = imap pop3" in /etc/kopano/server.cfg which defaulted it to off) or any new installation which installed 8.7.5 directly.

    I've made a fresh install with the latest ISO and a install of Kopano with the test-update.
    POP3 is working without any problems

  • I've installed Nextcloud 16.4 and update it to 17.0.0 without any problems.
    Only on both versions i've in the webconfig no user licenses visable

  • Patrick de Brabander
    Patrick de Brabander likes the reply for the discussion, Re: Forum Slow

    Patrick - drifting a bit OT but will answer briefly..

    What package will you be using

    No final decision yet. Have been a user of Redhat and distributions derived from it since 1998. Was primarily an IBM OS/2 user before that for PCs. For shares, mail, news server, dhcpd, name server etc will probaly be Fedora Server. Been impressed with their migration tool which enables a major OS version upgrade without a re-install from scratch. This workstation started life several years ago as Fedora Release 26 - it is now Fedora 30 having progressed 26 -> 27 -> 28 -> 29 -> 30. Currenly just trying distributions based in Ubuntu such as mate mint etc. The last to change will be firewalls. Suspect it will be pfSense. Used it a few years ago and really loved it. It was only that I was still working then and really didn''t have the time to get to grips with the finer nuances of BSD. Being retired now that isn't so much of a problem. pfSense is fast, reliable and secure - the reporting was brilliant. That provided by ClearOS looks really amateurish in comparison.

  • Patrick de Brabander
    Patrick de Brabander replied to a discussion, Forum Slow

    Tony Ellis wrote:

    Patrick - IMHO any product with this sort of support is not good - got to look at the whole package. In the next few days will be wiping two more ClearOS systems for something much better...

    I agree with you, but i expect (hope) this will be sorted out on short notice.
    Just out of curiosity..... What package will you be using, other the COS ?