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  • ClearOS 7 Business Hardware Recommendations

    I've been away for a while. I've always used the Community editions (6.5 my last), but now I'm a small business owner and I want to put together a nice gateway/smtp-imap-pop/web/ftp/file/print/etc. well-rounded server for 50 users tops. I want it large and fast. I've never been overly involved in picking hardware out, so I would love recommendations for good manufacturers, having adequate specs to keep our server running great. We build custom industrial machinery for the plastics industry and so we trade a lot of large cad and data files with our customers, so our server would have to have larger drive(s) as well. We want to host our own website(s) too that would see a lot of activity. Thanks for any ideas you can throw my way.

  • Dirk Albring
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