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  • OK, I went through a rebuild of rpmdb using the following steps. It seems to have fixed the issue as I was able to do a yum update and everything seems functional in my Webconfig.

    I followed this link

  • In addition to what I posted below, every app in the Webconfig shows "connection failure" in red next to the Additional Info widget. Clicking on the "Details" button inside the widget gives me the same db error:

    The thing I noticed when I looked within /var/lib/rpm are that most of the files have a changed date and time of 02/27/2019 6:37:49 AM, which is when the errors started showing up in my system log:

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  • It would seem there are repository issues on COS' end or a database error of some sort. I'm getting repository errors in my system log and can't access it in my Webconfig. I get a blank browser with this text in it:

    This also means my subscription services aren't getting updated. In fact, logging into my ClearCenter account shows my last updates to be a week ago. However, my Webconfig shows my last updates over a month ago, which doesn't jive with what my ClearCenter account shows. Below is an excerpt from my log, which appears to have been an issue for a week now. Didn't notice until you said something. Following that is what shows up when I try a yum update from shell.

    system log excerpt:

  • I wish someone could solve my storm > 1000 spam/day but easy to block.

    You could run mail through a google account. Man, Google's got some fantastic filtering. We've been running our business emails through Google for a few years now, albeit with some MX records and a CNAME record (allowing for an alias of in our DNS settings, for $5/user per month, and our junk mail is down to nil. Google's spam filtering is fantastic. I've rarely, if ever, caught any valid email in the SPAM folder of my gmail. I rarely, if ever, have junk mail in my inbox. In fact, I rarely visit my gmail. I just let it do its thing. Of course, this makes it so your mail winds up in a gmail inbox for your user, but so what. Mail is still sent and received under the guise of our domain.

  • So are the recipients always different on the returned emails? Did you peruse your maillog for any indicators? Do you have the mail anti-spam app installed from the marketplace? It's like Nick said, start filtering some commonalities, blacklisting some domains, etc. Enabling the discard policy might prevent your inbox from filling up.

  • Did you create and download your opvn client config file along with the certificates from your ClearOS Webconfig, logged in as the user that's using the OpenVPN client utility on the remote machine? If so, I don't how ClearOS would've know the path location for your certificates when it created the script in the opvn file. Did you look in the opvn config file and verify the lines for ca, cert, and key include the path? Otherwise, I would think the OpenVPN client would expect them to be in the same directory as the opvn config file.

  • Why is your private key certificate in your home folder? I would think that should be in the same folder as the rest of your certs and your client opvn config file. I'm thinking on a Fedora machine they would all go in /etc/openvpn/client. On a Windows machine those are all in C:\Program Files\OpenVPN\config. Looking at the script in your opvn file, does the line for the key cert point to your home directory, i.e. /home/andrew/cert/?

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    I've tried banning just zip files and then sending emails with both zip and docx attachments and the emails with zip get banned by amavis, but the emails with docx is sent out. Have you looked through your maillog log and seen if your emails with docx attachments are being banned? Mine show up as passed clean.

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    Try it without the parenthesis and with double ||'s, or even individually, so