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  • Dirk Albring
    Dirk Albring replied to a discussion, Can't login to Kopano Webapp

    I think you have a bigger problem than your username, but I don't know what. Is it just you or all users? It could be an LDAP issue or LDAP settings in Kopano. From /etc/kopano/ldap.cfg, how do your ldap_bind_user and ldap_bind_passwd compare with Bind DN and Bind Password in the directory server app?

    I don't have a lot of users, but the ones that I do can't login to the Kopano Webapp. The ldap settings in Kopano's configuration match the directory server's.

    As a separate thought, is Apache running OK ("systemctl status httpd")?

    No problems with Apache, that I can see anyway.

    This morning I rotated my logs to view today's issues only. When trying to login to the Kopano Webapp with a couple different users, the Kopano server.log says:

  • Dirk Albring

    May be a silly are putting the individual user certificates in the OpenVPN config folder on each of their computers, right? What I mean to say is, they each have a certificates with their username in the filename that have to be put on their computers.

  • Dirk Albring
    Dirk Albring replied to a discussion, Can't login to Kopano Webapp

    Hey Nick, thanks for the replies. I'm just getting back to this. was an old domain on an old server. That was probably 10-12 years ago and it doesn't even exist anymore. I don't see it even referenced in what I posted. Are you seeing something on the ClearCenter end that I'm not seeing? I don't think it shows up anywhere in my ClearOS Portal account. It doesn't even show up as an expired domain in my account. The server is a totally separate entity having nothing to do with the former.

    As far as how I log in, I do use dalbring as a username at the login, not Do you think the system could be appending the domain to the username somewhere? I haven't changed anything in that respect. I would think it has to be somewhere in the postfix config since I can login to all other services fine, like Webconfig, MariaDB via phpMyAdmin, etc. Plus Kopano Webapp won't allow any user to login. It remains on the splash page.

  • Dirk Albring
    Dirk Albring started a new discussion, Can't login to Kopano Webaccess

    Can't login to Kopano Webaccess

    Hey Guys, Anybody else have known issues with Kopano anytime throughout 2020-2021? I haven't used it in a long time really, but it worked the last time I tried to login. Here's what I'm seeing in the Kopano server.log:

    I'm getting this in the Kopano gateway.log:

    I know the user is valid. I've even experimented with another user who has been given Kopano privileges in his user account, although no errors show up in the logs when trying to login with his credentials. My browsers (I've tried several) just revert back to the dalbring username. I don't know where to begin looking other than the logs. All Kopano services are running.

  • Dirk Albring
    Dirk Albring replied to a discussion, [PORT/IP] connectiong refuse.

    Do you have port 22 open on the incoming firewall of your COS gateway? You can do this in your Webconfig via https://myip:81

  • Hey Mansoor,

    Do you know if I can use Asterisk on my COS distro remotely, in a separate location than the office phones that would be using it? I have a working COS server at our business, but the office phones I want to be controlled by COS would be in a remote location.

  • Dirk Albring
    Dirk Albring replied to a discussion, PBX a thing of the past?

    Thanks for the reply Nick. Don't suppose you know what repo I could grab FreePBX or AsteriskNOW from?

  • Dirk Albring
    Dirk Albring started a new discussion, PBX a thing of the past?

    PBX a thing of the past?

    It's been a minute since I've been on the forum. What happened to ClearOS having FreePBX or Asterisk or some sort of nice PBX server in the package? I could really use one now.

  • Well, I'm giving up on the DKIM certificate stuff. I disable the opendkim service. I read somewhere where Google likes to see 1024 bit DKIM keys, rather than 2048, so I tried creating new ones and implementing them, but when I tried to test the keys, opendkim was saying they couldn't be found. I then removed the new ones and used the original ones, but opendkim was still telling me those couldn't be found. I tried removing the original ones (that previously passed the tests) and recreating them, but the same thing. If I left it this way, it made it so mail wasn't sending. When I looked in my maillog, it flagged an issue with the dkim, so I just disabled it. The maillog was saying:

    I did get Google support to respond to a ticket. They're suggesting things I've already tried. One of them was to put MX records in my DNS settings that point to the G Suite mail servers. I had already done that in my Clear Center account, but after you made me aware of an issue with that (I wasn't receiving emails using Kopano), I removed those MX records. I don't know how using G Suite MX records would work anyway, since my COS box uses my ClearCenter domain of It's not a Google domain.

    I might put the MX records back now, since I really don't use the incoming mail server on my COS box, but doing that in the past didn't keep 'sent mail' out of the gmail recipient's spam folder.