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  • Jeff1965
    Jeff1965 replied to a discussion, Domain not working

    Outstanding job by the folks at clear support. Got everything squared away mucho pronto. All is working again

  • Jeff1965
    Jeff1965 replied to a discussion, Domain not working

    Sorry guys Ive been super busy with work. Creating a ticket now. I guess Ill just copy and paste my OP Thanks for the help

  • Jeff1965
    Jeff1965 replied to a discussion, Domain not working

    Ben that what I was using to restore it

  • Jeff1965
    Jeff1965 started a new discussion, Domain not working

    Domain not working

    My domain and email stopped working over a month or so ago. Havent been able to deal with it until this morning.
    I logged in to clearcenter and looked in my dns etc. no domain was showing and I see an error code 3 and to click to see the error. Immediately took me ro a suspended domain. I remember getting something regarding ICANN and info needs updating. Went in and updated everything. Checked it from the command line with “dig domain ns”. I wasnt getting back what clear says I should. Nothing more to be updated. Says it should be reatored within 5 mins of confirming the email. Nada. This isnt working. Am I missing something here. Wifes domain works on the server. I cant even ping mine

  • Jeff1965
    Jeff1965 started a new discussion, PHP Upgrade

    PHP Upgrade

    Are there any "current" how to's on upgrading php in COS7. I did a search and I can only find stuff on 6 and before. Currently on 5.4.16 and wanting to go to 5.6 without breaking everything

  • Jeff1965
    Jeff1965 started a new discussion, .htaccess not redirecting

    .htaccess not redirecting

    I have my wifes crafts site hosted in a virtual domain in a sub folder. Configed a .htaccess and dropped it in the VD root with a copy of the index.php. Im getting a blank web page.
    Is there something in cos preventing it from redirecting by default?
    admin/allusers has ownership of the subdirectory and files. Not sure if apache/allusers should have ownership.

  • Jeff1965
    Jeff1965 replied to a discussion, Zarafa-Server won't start anymore

    Ben Chambers wrote:

    For anyone coming across this thread, before repairing the proc table as one of the post in here advises, can you try:

    And upgrade to 2.1.7-1.

    Then, try restarting Zarafa server:

    And report back here and let me know if that too, resolves the proc issue.

    Also, if anyone who had the 'proc' corruption in the past, upgrading may prevent the issue from occurring in the future.

    According to this thread on the Zarafa forums, we should have this issue with the version of MariaDB we're running...however, we should have been running the mysql_upgrade script when upgrading the internal database.

    All this update does it provide an automated script that will run the mysql_upgrade command.

    That you can also run with the --force flag, if desired.

    It does nothing if nothing is required, so a fairly innocuous script.

    I'd like to know two things:

    1. Confirm that running this script fixes the proc table corruption
    2. Longer term, I'd like to hear back on users who have upgraded, whether they ever see the proc corruption again or not...ideally, this issue 'goes away'. If it occurs to users who have upgraded, but #1 confirms it repairs the proc table, my next step is to add the calling of this script to the Zarafa server stop/start, that will fix the situation when the user tries starting Zarafa server.



    Thanks Ben,
    I had a power loss at the house and it obviously knocked the server down. I had this proc problem on reboot. Your command line update fixed it good as new

  • Jeff1965
    Jeff1965 started a new discussion, Owncloud Users

    Owncloud Users

    Running Home 7.2 w/essentials. For some reason something is breaking the link to ldap on my machine (i think) for my users to login to owncloud. I do a fresh install and install the directory then Windows networking than all other software and I do own cloud last I create my users and my users are able to login to own cloud through the web page just fine then later no user can log in only the admin account can. It's stating incorrect username or password when I know they are correct. Not sure if it's getting an update that's killing the link or what. anyone else having this problem I've done a fresh install 3 times now and all three times it's done this I have no way of knowing or tracking down where it's taking place

  • Tim,
    To uncomment this line in the script is ## correct?

  • Jeff1965
    Jeff1965 replied to a discussion, Owncloud users

    Damn this still isnt working for my users. I ran both of the posted scripts Tim posted up and its still not letting anyone in.