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  • 2 Wans, 1 for data and 1 for voip

    Good morning,
    I'm migrating my Windows Servers to a new ClearOS system. Till now, we had 2 firewalls ; eacht with it's own LAN Ip adresse (same subnet) and each with a permanent public WAN IP adress. The first firewall was acting as gateway for the internet connection and the second for our VOIP system.
    I'm building a new ClearOS System with 2 WAN interfaces but I was wondering howto tell our VOIP system to use the #2 wan interface and computers the #1wan interface. Can I create 2 LAN interfaces with different IP addresses on the same subnet and use them as gateways .. but them howto connect each LAN interface with the WAN ones ? using the multi-wan component and the "Destination Port Rules" ?
    Thanks for your help and telle me is my explications are not clear :) thanks

  • Accessing several virtual webservers using SSL, possible ?

    Hello all,
    I've a ClearOS system acting as a gateway with a public iP adress. Inside my network I have a mail server and a managemnt system ; both being accessed through web pages. I'd like to access them from internet. I've multiple domain names ( ; but I'd like, when accessing them from the outside, to use a unique SSL connection to my COS and then forward it to my internal servers uncrypted.
    Is it possible to do that ?
    Per advance, thanks to all for your help :)

  • Arnaud Forster
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  • Thanks very much Nick , will try that :)
    As I'm not a guru configuring mail servers and for my own understanding , I was wondering, when my COS receives an outgoing email, how he knows where it should send it .. ist it just going to contact the gateway of my provider and send it without any special configuration ?
    Thanks to all :)

  • Thanks very much :) I'll try that next week :)

    If I can... for outgoing emails, do have I to send them from my Zimbra to ClearOS which will forward them automatically further ?
    Thanks again :)

  • Is it possible to configure such behaviour ?

    Hello all,
    Finally , I received the green flag to migrate my Windows 2003 domain to a new ClearOS system :)
    I'm goind to use my COS Server as a gateway. My only problem concerns mails and publishing servers .. about the mails, here's what I'd like to do but I dont know if it's possible :
    We actually have a Zimbra mail server and we would like to keep it. So, I'd like to use ClearOS Gateway to receive emails, check the spams and virus with the provided tools finaly send the mails to my Zimbra.
    I've a fix IP Address (the WAN port of my ClearOS system) and the MX records point to it.
    Is is possible to to that ? I saw the other posts about forwarding emails to another server but nothing about the spams and viruses...

    thanks for your help :)

  • Hello all,
    So finally I solved the problem. After having made my changes in samba.conf, I had to edit my resolv.conf and resolv-peerdns.conf.
    Now both machines a replicating (Windows 2003 Server and ClearOS 7.3).
    But I read on another post that I can't use that for the while because flexshares and users management are not working with Samba directory :( Can someone confirm that ? For the while, If i go to my users or groups menu, I get the following error : Ooops! Invalid credentials

    Thanks :)

  • Replacement of a Windows 2003 Server

    Hello all,
    I've a Windows Controller (AD) under Windows 2003. My idea was to build a new ClearOS server, installing Samba Directory and connect my COS server as a domain controller. Then replicate the AD and finally stop my old Windows controller.
    Installation of samba and connecting it to my AD as a new domain controller was a success. The, the replication seems to worked but I can't go further. My samba service can start but with the following errors :

    /usr/sbin/samba_dnsupdate: tkey query failed: GSSAPI error: Major = Unspecified GSS failure. Minor code may provide more information, Minor = Server not found in Kerberos database.
    ../source4/dsdb/dns/dns_update.c:295: Failed DNS update - NT_STATUS_UNSUCCESSFUL

    I did not install a BIND dns server and I was wondering if this could be the reason ...

    Trying to have a look on the replication gives me the following error : (srv-cos is my new ClearOS server)

    [root@srv-cos ~]# samba-tool drs showrepl
    ERROR(<class 'samba.drs_utils.drsException'>;): DRS connection to srv-cos.mwp.local failed - drsException: DRS connection to srv-cos.mwp.local failed: (-1073741772, 'The object name is not found.')

    thanks to all for your help :)