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  • Any chance you have ProxyPass installed ...?

  • ... or it got deleted .. I got notifications of a couple of those on different threads .. none of which seem to be there ,,,

    Patrick de Brabander wrote:

    Strange. It looks like some post are missing on the forum.
    Maybe a bug or so.

    I'm missing the reply of Michael

  • Richard George
    Richard George replied to a discussion, ClearOS development update?

    The real question now though, is "has any update missed the boat?". Most of those who were using it seem (and this includes me) to have bitten the bullet and moved on to something else - and potential new users are going to find very quickly that there's no (or very little) support. How many of the former would reverse course and rebuild their systems again? - especially if they've moved to something that works and is supported? Not me for one ... and of the latter group .. if they find their not being helped or supported through that initial setup phase, how long before they say 'nah ...' and move on? .. a couple of days at the most I'd say.

    So no, I personally think the ClearOS boat has sailed off into the sunset.

  • Before you do that, I suggest you read a few of the posts .. the general conscensus is that ClearOS is dead. There have been no updates for the best part of a year, the underlying distribution is end of life (or very nearly), and the only maintainer has been released. Most of those using it (including me) have moved to other platforms. I only drop in here occasionaly out of morbid curiosity .. and I suspect that applies to some of the others. You'll note that very few of the recent posts have seen any responses for precisely that reason.

  • Might be worth you investigating this instead .. iRedMail

  • Richard George
    Richard George replied to a discussion, Clean Kopano Attachments

    I’ve built a email server using iRedMail - looks pretty good, and has amavis and SMTP authentication preconfigured (the latter is missing capability in Kopano/COS) .. uses sogo to provide full capabilities for ActiveSync devices (phones for example).

  • Richard George
    Richard George replied to a discussion, Clean Kopano Attachments

    Personally I've ditched both ClearOS and Kopano .. the latter because of this statement ...

    Note the date ...

  • Richard George
    Richard George replied to a discussion, Where's the GUI on ClearOS?

    Incidentally, when I said you’re reliant on the developers to configure the server apps, I didn’t mean ‘for your particular use’, I meant the generic configuration, so for a directory server for example, you just fill the boxes (in the web admin page) for your particular organisation; you don’t need to worry about all the low level setup. And then, when you add users (again, on the relevant page), you just provide their details and the underlying configuration that’s been put in place when you selected that particular marketplace app (or plural..) is already connected and you don’t need to concern yourself with it. Do the same with Debian/Ubuntu/etc, and you’ve got to do all that interlinking up front yourself. So your question should really be about the longevity of ClearOS rather than anything else. That’s going to be your driver I think.

    It’s arguable that if you’re happy that your network access is sufficiently secure to stop access from being hacked -either from inside or outside, ClearOS will do what you want. Just be aware that you’re not likely to get any further security updates. From a business point of view, that would be my decider. If we’re talking about a home system (which it sounds like we’re not …), then it’s probably worth the gamble. I’m a retired s/w engineer (embedded software), so I’m happy to tinker and learn Linux to build something I need; it sounds to me though, that you need to go another route long term.

  • Richard George
    Richard George replied to a discussion, Where's the GUI on ClearOS?

    I think you've misunderstood - I didn't say it was unique, merely that it's pre-disposed to a server - semi-preconfigured (cf the marketplace). The others are bare bone servers where you install the applications you want, and you configure them. The problem (if you want to call it that), is that something like ClearOS relies on developers configuring the various marketplace apps for you - and to provide updates on a regular basis. That used to be the case, but you'll note from many recent posts that the general feeling is that ClearOS -certainly the community edition (and maybe the paid-for versions judging from the lack of updates) may be now a dead-duck. I for one, am in the process of creating 2/3 VMs specifically for the applications I want, on the latest stable/LTS debian/ubuntu servers.

    On the desktop front, I'm not sure what your point is; I did say there's a ClearOS desktop that can be added so you can use the box as a desktop machine as well - you just then install the applications you want as a desktop (like spreadsheet/word processor/etc) exactly as you would need to do on a Fedora/Ubuntu/Debian/etc server installation (as opposed to a desktop installation where those applications get installed by default). ClearOS on the other hand is NOT predisposed to be a desktop environment, nor are desktop applications installed by default; if you want that capability it's available, just not by default. As an example, I've a ClearOS server that's configured to be a VirtualBox host environment - and I installed the desktop to be able to manage the VMs easily rather than resorting to the command line. The server also act as a reverse proxy to the VMs and (hardware) server that handle websites/mail/nextcloud facilities. Keeps the actual servers isolated from the big, bad, wide world outside my 4 walls.

    Or have I misunderstood your thoughts?