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  • Does this mean you're back Nick?

  • Justinus Slamet Raharjo wrote:

    Paul Moon wrote:

    [quote]Nick Howitt wrote:

    Try some ideas here. Also check the "Block Encrypted Files" setting in the Gateway Antivirus.

    Thanks. That was it. Turning off Block Encrypted Files is allowing them to go through.

    Yess, it works for me too, thank all[/quote]

    I'd recommend though, that you only disable that option when you are expecting such an attachment!

  • Michael Proper wrote:

    Hi Von, Yep. Still here and cranking. Many are still planning on long-term updates, developments, and advancements.

    I'd love to know who made this the 'accepted answer' as it conveys no useful information whatsoever. 'Many' can be '2', and 'long-term' can mean 'the next couple of months or weeks .. or days'. Just depends on the context. And given the complete absence of recent updates it does nothing to provide any confidence in the future of the distribution.

  • My feeling is that as of now, ClearOS is dead and buried. Nick has been the only support guys for some considerable time now, and with his departure, I think the 'fat lady has sung'.

    I might be able to continue with it as my 3 servers are all behind a separate firewall and only accessed via port forwarding (email/web), and no file access from outside the local network, but I suspect that I'll have to start looking for alternatives to migrate everything to.

    So it's a 'goodbye' from me too (with thanks to Nick for all his work over the last few years).

  • Richard George
    Richard George started a new discussion, Can't clear notifications

    Can't clear notifications

    I've got 2 old (from last year and Feb this year) notifications - for High swap usage and High load, that I can't clear. I've hit 'acknowledge', but nothing changes. The problem is no longer apparent (long story, but was fixed by increasing memory in the VM), but I can't find where it's being reported from, nor can I clear the notification.

  • The missing webserver is a known issue with 6.1.26; they did a clean up of the build process and inadvertently deleted it.

    There is a version of phpvirtualbox that is built to work with VB6.1 - if I remember correctly, it's not in the the development zip, but on a branch .. if I can recall where I got it, I'll post a link. It is possible to get 6.1.26 working with the php web i/f, but it's a bit convoluted(!) - basically you have to import the webserver bits from .24 and keep them 'intact' when you upgrade.

  • All I can tell you is that, having installed all the dependencies from the COS repositories, mine works without any problems.

  • I can’t be 100%, but I seem to recall that I had to install the initial 6.1 manually, and then updates followed automatically. The reasoning seems to be that they initially release new versions alongside the existing stable version in the same repository. You therefore need to do; yum install VirtualBox-6.1 (or similar) to upgrade from 6.0 to 6.1. From then on, it updates within the 6.1 lifetime. Can’t remember the full details of what I did … long time ago now.

  • FWIW, I've installed VirtualBox from the Oracle distro, and I don't have any issues. Currently running 6.1.26 (the latest)

  • Nick Howitt wrote:

    ]BMbackup backs up the same files as a Configuration Backup and a bit more. The config backup is created nightly with a rolling 10 files for history. They can be downloaded from the webconfig or are in /var/clearos/configuration_backup.

    S'ok, I know what bmbackup saves - and I'm not interested in just 10 days configuration - I'm interested in the entire server. The backup lives on the PARENT server, and saves 2 VMs; the mail server, and a Windows 10 machine. By saving the entire VM means I can reinstate both within a matter of minutes on any machine that can support VirtualBox. Much better/easier than having to completely rebuild a COS box! Particularly as I then would need to set LetsEncrypt (amongst others!) up from scratch!