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  • The missing webserver is a known issue with 6.1.26; they did a clean up of the build process and inadvertently deleted it.

    There is a version of phpvirtualbox that is built to work with VB6.1 - if I remember correctly, it's not in the the development zip, but on a branch .. if I can recall where I got it, I'll post a link. It is possible to get 6.1.26 working with the php web i/f, but it's a bit convoluted(!) - basically you have to import the webserver bits from .24 and keep them 'intact' when you upgrade.

  • All I can tell you is that, having installed all the dependencies from the COS repositories, mine works without any problems.

  • I can’t be 100%, but I seem to recall that I had to install the initial 6.1 manually, and then updates followed automatically. The reasoning seems to be that they initially release new versions alongside the existing stable version in the same repository. You therefore need to do; yum install VirtualBox-6.1 (or similar) to upgrade from 6.0 to 6.1. From then on, it updates within the 6.1 lifetime. Can’t remember the full details of what I did … long time ago now.

  • FWIW, I've installed VirtualBox from the Oracle distro, and I don't have any issues. Currently running 6.1.26 (the latest)

  • Nick Howitt wrote:

    ]BMbackup backs up the same files as a Configuration Backup and a bit more. The config backup is created nightly with a rolling 10 files for history. They can be downloaded from the webconfig or are in /var/clearos/configuration_backup.

    S'ok, I know what bmbackup saves - and I'm not interested in just 10 days configuration - I'm interested in the entire server. The backup lives on the PARENT server, and saves 2 VMs; the mail server, and a Windows 10 machine. By saving the entire VM means I can reinstate both within a matter of minutes on any machine that can support VirtualBox. Much better/easier than having to completely rebuild a COS box! Particularly as I then would need to set LetsEncrypt (amongst others!) up from scratch!

  • Ok, updates are run daily between midnight and 7 am. (well, 6.59...)

    That explains why updates are not going through on the mail server; I've got the backup (the VM being suspended ..) running from midnight. Think I'll tweak the mail server code so that updates are done around 23.00 when most of the family are asleep.

  • I'll look into the cron job aspect .. any idea what id it runs as?

    RE: thread on updates; that's fine - I just wondered as I'd not seen anything.

    AFA testing is concerned, I'm happy to test stuff - assuming I'm actually using/got the necessary hardware , but with regard to the ISO, not knowing what changed between the previous version that I'd used and the new one, it's a bit difficult .. it really needs some release notes so we know what's changed from the previous release. I've read the stickies you mention, but as I don't have the relevant equipment target, there's little point. Presumably there are people out there that have raised issues that were addressed?

    I've a modified BMbackup that rotates through 3 backups daily .. it's saved me when I had a corruption that killed the latest backup and I just reinstated the previous one (the corruption killed the VM/mailserver; if I didn't have the modified bmbackup I've have been dead in the water.

  • It sits in a VM so I guess it's possible something glitched, but as far as I can see, the only indication that something happened was that the various services all went into the failed state. I couldn't initially figure out what was going on as everything appeared to be running when I tried the webapp, but IMAP access was throwing an error. I then thought I'd check the services and found that the server and webapp services were running, but the others were all stopped. Probably just me, but thought I'd ask the question. I'll watch what happens on future updates - which incidentally I haven't seen any notifications recently .. ?

    The VM is suspended every night and backed up in case of a complete failure, so I often see updates not complete .. the automatic update doesn't appear to work during the day .. what time is it normally scheduled to kick in? - maybe that's my underlying problem.

  • Kopano services after update (possible issue?)

    Not sure if it was just me, but have just updated my Kopano installation and found I no longer had access to mail - turned out all but one of the Kopano services were stopped following the update - the webserver (Kopano webapp) was the only service running.

  • I've no idea if this will give you any confidence that it's possible, but up to a few years ago, Virginmedia could only accessed in Spain via VPN (to my Clearos 6 box as it was at the time) - and I remember watching the Rugby World Cup via streaming to a Galaxy Tab(let) - and that was connected via 56M WiFi (the only thing available to us at the timr). And it was perfectly watchable so the data rate had to have been acceptable.