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  • Hi,
    I have had the same? problem in 7.2 too. Never thought it could be browser related. In my case ALL entries are to be found, however they do not appear in order... Try to select to see ALL messages and see if you find the "missing" packages further down the list.

    I reported this to Ben that fixed one bug but then he could not reproduce the wrong order. Maybe we were just using different browsers...

    Could this be a date format issue mm/dd/yy vs. dd/mm/yy or yy/mm/dd vs yy/dd/mm ?

    In my case the packages order is different in the software uppdate app compared to the recent sw list on the dashboard

    I am normally using Edge browser.


  • The upgrade went OK. See 3 "issues" so far:
    1. The kernel that the server is running is 3.10.0-229.7.2.v7.x86_64, but kernel-headers etc is 3.10.0-514.2.2.v7.x86_64
    2. The clearos-centos repo was not updated but instead saved as ".rpmnew"
    3. The new "+" and "-" icons are placed over the text in "Recent Software Activity" in the Dashboard
    4. My system lost its registration. A re-registering went OK.
    5. BackupPC does not work anymore in my LAN. I am using rsyncd to my Windows machines, but I think samba is used to "ping" (I have seen there is a ticket and I hope it is solved soon)

  • Patrick,
    The version 3.1-2.v7 is the version that I am testing right now and (hopefully) it is that version that is released very soon. ;) You have the released version which is still 3.0-1 .

    Forgot to say, since you updated the /var/domoticz/server_cert.pem file you will need to restore it if you want to use the "domoticz standard SSL cert". should do the trick I guess.

    If you need to use the "customized SSL" option after the upgrade, the file to edit is /var/domoticz/server_cert_custom.pem


  • A heads up:
    I have now integrated the SSL-certificate handling with ClearOS and made it possible for the user to select one of the following:

    To use the same SSL Certificate that is used for ClearOS webconfig/webserver etc. Any update in ClearOS will automatically be copied to Domoticz.
    To use the standard Domoticz SSL certificate that is shipped with Domoticz
    To use your own customized SSL certificate pem-file. The user will need to edit the pem file to make it contain the correct certificates. Help text is available in the documentation.

    The first option is the default, and I think it should work for Patrick as well, and normally no one should really need option 3.

    I have this build in beta test right now, and MAYBE it can be released tomorrow, but I will test it with the ClearOS 7.3 version first.

    NOTE for Patrick: the upgrade MIGHT reset any change of portnumber, logrotation and attack detector setting that you might have done for the Domoticz application (only the parts done in ClearOS webconfig. Nothing within the Domoticz will be affected.) Sorry for that. This was a neccessary thing in order to introduce the SSL-settings. So keep an eye open the coming two days or so.


  • I did the first and now it seems to work (yum is still working on the big upgrade). However, when app-base installed I got the following warning message:
    That did seem to be a good thing as I guess my server is still using the old clearos-centos repo, or?


  • OOoops!
    Have you aready released 7.3 ??? I just checked on my home server that is running 7.2 community edition (I am away right now) and I can see it has 113 packages that can not be installed due to dependency problems...

    It is hard to do proper trouble shooting via webconfig, but I can see that it has installed kernel-headers-3.10.0-514.2.2 and that it has erased kernel-3.10.0-327.28.3.
    I can also see that the batch of 113 packages are stopped since kernel-3.10.0-514.2.2 requires more modern versions of xfsprogs and kmod
    Since my server installed a batch of 12 packages and erased 1, and then later failed in installing 113 packages I wonder if the packages was being rolled out while my server did its nightly automatic update.

    Something is not right, but I can not do more trouble shooting from remote (I have just webconfig open for remote access). Will look more at this tonight.


  • Patrick,
    Nice to hear it works.

    I am still investigating what I can do to make the certificate handling more integrated with ClearOS. My thinking is now a two step approach:
    1. Release an update soon (days) where I will simplify things a bit by removing the need to fiddle around with DH-parameters (see explanation below)
    2. Release another update later on (weeks) if I can find a good way to introduce a more integrated solution with ClearOS for the certificates

    The way domoticz is currently configured, it expects the server_cert.pem file to contain DH-parameters at the end of the file. But you did not include the content from the /etc/dhparam.pem file (that file only exist on your server if ftp has been installed, so you might be missing it). This means that your Domoticz log will throw a warning at startup that DH file parameters are missing. Your browser might also give you some warning message. In an upcoming update of app-domoticz I will take care of the DH parameter part, so if it is working for you now I suggest you wait for that.

    If you absolutely want to add DH parameters to you newly added server_cert.pem file before I release the update you can do this (as root):

    It takes maybe 5 minutes to generate the file (CPU dependent) so be patient.
    When the file has been generated you can add its content to your certificate file that is missing the DH-parameters:


  • Patrick,
    Domoticz has its own webserver, and in the current (default) setup, it uses its own domoticz certificate. But it can be changed. Read on.

    In my first beta, I actually had a possibility for the user to specify what certificate files to use with domoticz but I removed it after feedback from the ClearOS team (to simplify the interface). Then the idea was to let ClearOS do all the access control by having it act as a reverse proxy and that would have solved "everything". However, that turned out not possible with all the different use cases.

    Domoticz is a bit picky about what formats of certificates it will accept. I need to work on this a bit (and check with the ClearOS team maybe) before I can make a general improvement here that could use the selected certificate files in the general ClearOS setup.

    In the mean time you can try this, logged in as "root" (You will need to force a refresh in your browser afterwards. I am not sure it will work, and I am just guessing where your private key and cert are located):

    If this works (please let me know), then you will have to repeat this whenever your letsencrypt SSL-keys are updated (I think it is evey 90 days).

    If it does not work, or if you want to revert back to the default setup for any other reason do this (as root):


  • Patrick,
    You should be able to see Domoticz among the services. See screenshot from my testserver:

    I tend to remember that you did your own init.d script before. Did you erase that one before you installed app-domoticz? I guess there could be some interfering things otherwise.

    When it comes to SSL, I am not sure I understand how your setup works. Can you explain a bit more?


  • Domoticz Home Automation Marketplace app now available for ClearOS 7

    For those of you that might be interested in a Home Automation solution, you can now find a new paid app in the ClearOS Marketplace:

    Domoticz Home Automation

    You need to have the clearos-epel repository enabled to be able to install this app (should be standard for the community and home editions of ClearOS).

    If you do not see the app in the Marketplace, you may need to refresh your Marketplace cache: use the 'Clear Cache' setting in the Marketplace under the Settings (Gear) icon.

    Domoticz is a light weight home automation system that lets you monitor and configure miscellaneous devices, including lights, switches, various sensors/meters like temperature, rainfall, wind, ultraviolet (UV) radiation, electricity usage/production, gas consumption, water consumption and many more. Notifications/alerts can be sent to any mobile device. In addition, $US 5 of every app purchase will be given to the Domoticz developers to help support their efforts in providing a simple and easy-to-use home automation platform.

    If you would like to use Domoticz without contributing/paying for this app, the RPM is available for free (but without integration with ClearOS) and can be installed from the CLI by enabling the clearos-contribs repository.