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  • Leon,
    While I think the propsal from Nick might be the easiest to implement as a domoticz triggered script on the RPI, I just want to say (Slightly off-topic maybe): Do you know that you can run Domoticz on ClearOS too, either as a replacement for the RPI (if you are not using RPI specific stuff etc) or as a complement running both of them in a master-slave config? I am maintaining a package in the clearos-contribs repo. There is also an app in the clearos market place if you prefer an easy setup.

    I have however not tried to run master-slave configurations, so I can not give you any advice on it.


  • Fredrik Fornstad
    Fredrik Fornstad started a new discussion, FFmpeg and x265 updated

    FFmpeg and x265 updated

    FFmpeg and x265 libs have now been updated to newer versions. They are available in clearos-contribs repository for ClearOS 7. The FFmpeg package is now version 3.4.6 and libx265 is version 3.2. One drawback with the new FFmpeg release is that opus-encoding is no longer supported due too old opus-version in ClearOS7, but a lot of other functionalities has been added instead.


  • Domoticz 4.10717 is now released. The libopenzwave package will not be updated to 1.6 anytime soon due to major API changes that is incompatible with this version of Domoticz.


  • @Simon,
    Well, since your TV is on the same sub-net I do not think you should need to do much at all. Try this first:

    1. Log in to your ClearOS machine and go to the page where you can start/stop your serviio application (web-console at https://myserver..:81/app/serviio )
    2. Make sure it says that Serviio is "Running", so it is not stopped
    3. Go to the native Serviio mgmt console by clicking on the wide green button
    4. In the native Serviio mgmt console, select "Status" and scroll down to "Network Settings". It probably says "Automatically detected". Change this to one of your detected NW interfaces where your TV is to be found.
    5. Click save
    6. Back in the ClearOS web-console, click "Stop" and then after Serviio stopped click "Start"
    7. Check if you now can access any content from your TV.


  • @Simon Blakely:
    As you probably know DLNA normally "only" works within the same sub-net. However, there are numerous articles on the Internet on how to make multicast packages be routed to other sub-nets.

    I myself, have never tried to use DLNA over more than one sub-net so I can not really tell you what you should do. But I suspect it would help anyone who potentially would help you to actually get an understanding of your network setup...

    I guess your TV is not on the same sub-net as your ClearOS box. What type of router do you have in between? Or is it so that your ClearOS box have multiple network interfaces and the Serviio server is only visible on one of them (and not on the one where the TV is)?

    Also, be sure to only have your DLNA server on your LAN. Do not route it to your WAN as that would be considered a security risk beside the fact that people outside your home could get access to all your media.


  • Serviio 2.0 available in contribs-testing

    I have now built Serviio 2.0 for ClearOS 7. If you want to try it out it is available the contribs-testing repo.

    The big new feature is support for "different users" which means that you can assign each DLNA device a user-id and then serve tailored content. For instance you can serve content from one folder only to you Xbox and content from another folder to your TV in the livingroom. This user control is completely separate from the Linux/ClearOS users and file permissions, so it is not integrated with the rest of ClearOS. Also, in order to use this new feature you must have a "Pro" licence. It will not work in the free version (except for the first few days after installation so you can test the feature.

    NOTE: Any "Pro licence" that you may have for Serviio 1.x will NOT work with Serviio 2.x , so if you update and still want the Pro-features, then you need to go to and purchase a new licence.

    Since the 2.0 version will make any 1.0 licence unusable, I am very hesitant to release serviio into the normal contribs repo (because then the update will be forced upon everyone that has auto-update on). Instead I will likely have the 2.0 version sitting in contribs-testing for some time at least.


  • Domoticz 4.10717 available in contribs7-testing

    Hi everyone,
    The new 4.10717 version of Domoticz will be available in contribs-testing for ClearOS7 in about 1 hour. A new version of libopenzwave is also found in contribs-testing.

    My original plan was to use the fresh libopenzwave version 1.6 that has a wide amount of improvements. However, it is not complete yet and a number of interoperability issues with domoticz still needs to be solved. The 4.10717 release of Domoticz was a rather painful excercise with several attempts upstream before everything was ok. My plan is to have both these new version of domoticz and libopezwave sitting in contribs-testing for at least a couple of weeks to be sure it is fully functioning before moving them to the contribs repo.

    Heads up: Domoticz upstream is likely to release yet another version soon that will require libopenzwave version 1.6 . Given the status right now + the fact that version 1.6 configuration files are incompatible with the current version, I am a bit hesitant around the introduction in ClearOS7. I really do not want to push out a new release that will cause any existing installation to fail, forcing the user to reconfigure all the z-wave related stuff in his/her network. Any comments?


  • I just built domoticz-4.10717 for all three HW platforms: x86_64, aarch64 and armv7hl . It will available on the contribs-testing mirrors in about 1 hour.

    BUT, I have not actually tested to run domoticz on the arm-platforms so there might be problems beyond the building process that is now solved.


  • Hmm,
    It seems the new version of Domoticz (+ the new version of OpenZWave) uncovered a number of "api missunderstandings" between the two programs. My first hope was to go for a the latest releases of both OpenZWave as well as Domoticz, but they currently do not play along together. A lot of work is ongoing right now to fix this and I will probably wait another week or so until things become much clearer. After all, the current 4.9700 version is rather stable :)


  • Looks as if there will be a new stable release 4.10717 available later today from Domoticz. That version should be better I think. At least the most obvious flaws has been fixed in it. Still, I will wait a little just to be sure before trying to release it in ClearOS.