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  • New version of Domoticz Home Automation 4.9700

    Hi everyone,
    Domoticz version 4.9700 is now available for testing in repo: clearos-contribs-testing It contains a year of added features and bug fixes.

    If no problems shows up, I will try to release it together with an update of the domoticz marketplace app in a couple of weeks.

    Note: The API for logging have changed, so if you decide to test it out before I make the official release, please be aware that logging will not work if you launch/control it with the domoticz marketplace app. After the release, everything shall work as normal.


  • Ok, I found and corrected the problem with the vanishing directory and have issued a new build. Will be released in a day or two.

  • Patrick,
    That should not happen... Not sure why.
    Please make sure domoticz is stopped and then try this from the command line:
    Now I think you should be able to start domoticz in the normal way.


  • How to make your USB devices have persistent /dev/ttyXXXXX address

    Hi everyone,
    If you for instance use Domoticz Home Automation on your ClearOS server, the chance is high that you also have connected one or several USB-dongles for 433MHz communication, Z-wave etc.

    Those USD-dongles that in fact enumerates a traditional serial interface will get an address like

    /dev/ttyACM0 for the first unit and
    /dev/ttyACM1 for the second unit and so on

    Now, by design there will be a race condition at boot time so you can not be 100% sure which physical USB dongle will end up at a specific address. This causes problem in a home automation program such as Domoticz since you need to specify the address for each USB-dongle, and you certainly want your application to continue to work after a server reboot. Similar problem occurs also if you unplug and insert your USB-dongle again. Linux will give it a new address at the insertion if there was an ongoing communication when you unplugged it, why your application will not find it anymore.

    Luckily there is at least one way to bind a USB dongle to a static address (name):
    1. Make sure your USB-dongle is connected to the server
    2. Open a command window and enter:
    3. Note what address the USB-dongle has now (for instance /dev/ttyACM0 )
    4. Find unique identifiers for your USB-dongle (like Manufacturer ID and Product ID) by entering this command (use the address from step 3) The output can look somethings like this:In our case we can see that ATTRS{idVendor}=="0658" and ATTRS{idProduct}=="0200" (which says it is a Z-wave+ UZB USB-dongle from Sigma).
    5. Open/Create a file where we will give this USB-dongle an alias:Enter the following text (using our example):Press Ctrl-o to save and Ctrl-x to exit nano. Note that in this example we used the alias "ttyUSB50", but you could have used "MySigmaUZB" or something. However, I suggest you stick to a "ttyUSBxx" naming convention since that is a "valid" serial port name in Linux so that will save you from some other problems. I also used a "high" number (50) to avoid any potential naming conflict by anything else created in the system.
    6. After reboot of the server our USB-dongle will in addition to its random /dev/ttyACM address now also ALWAYS be found at /dev/ttyUSB50. If you do not want to reboot your server you can enable the new alias by entering the following command: and then unplug/insert your USB-dongle.


  • BackupPC 4.x.x for ClearOS 8 please

    Hi everyone,
    I am a happy user of the BackupPC app. A couple of times it has saved my days when files have been deleted by misstake on one of the PC's in my family.

    For a few years, very little development have happened on the BackupPC upstream program, but since almost a year Craig Barratt have been quite active. April 1st, the long awaited 4.0.0 version of BackupPC was released after having been in Alpha testing for 4 years... Now, 4.1.3 is the latest version, released 2 months ago, and no pending bugs to correct if I understand correct.

    As Craig writes in the release notes:

    BackupPC 4.0.0 is a significant improvement over 3.x in terms of performance and storage efficiency. It is backward compatible with 3.x pool storage, so it can be used to upgrade an existing installation as well as for brand new installs.

    My request: Can we please have the new BackupPC 4.x instead of 3.x in ClearOS 8.


  • Just got a message that the domoticz program (and an updated libopenzwave) has been released to the correct repository. It now takes about 1 hour before it is available at the ClearOS mirrors. After that there should be no dependency errors when updating.


  • Patrick,
    No problem, it will "solve itself" in the next 24 hours as one of the packages is still on its way...

    The new app-domoticz program require the new base domoticz program. That is; both needs to be released for the update to succeed. Both packages has been built, but the way clearos build system is setup they go into different places with different persons as "release gatekeepers". I have a request for both packages to be released but the request for the base domoticz package to be released has not yet been handled (time zone related...).

    If you absolutely can not wait, I think you can from command line issue:

    I have not tested it myself, and i may have gotten the name of the repo slighly wrong...


  • New Domoticz release 3.8153 on its way

    Hi everyone,
    I am about to release Domoticz 3.8153 within a day or so together with a needed adjustment of app-domoticz. Please note that Domoticz has undergone heavy development and potentially there are some features that have changed behaviour and that you may need to adjust any scripts etc that you have created for the present Domoticz program.

    One thing that I do not think can be avoided is that due to the fundamental change of the deamon/PID handling (actually: a bug correction in Domoticz) any running instance of Domoticz will stop at the update and you will have to manually start it again. Sorry for this.


  • I am travelling so I Will not be able to release the update until mid next week or so...

    Upgrades are only possible via the marketplace.


  • Well, I had a quick look at it and it was easier to fix the certificate problem than I thought. A new version of app-domoticz is just built. I might ask for it to be released already tomorrow, we will see. However, as before the Domoticz certificate handling is not integrated into the clearos-certificate-manager. It will still give you 3 choices:

    1. The same certificate that is used by the ClearOS server (Webconfig). If this changes (for instance by the clearos certificate-manager) it may take up to 24 hours until the change is cascaded to Domoticz. You can force the cascading by pressing "Edit" and then "Update" at the app-domoticz webconfig page. (No need to change the parameters.)

    2. The standard certificate that ships with Domoticz

    3. A customized certificate that the user need to prepare himself (read the instructions in the app-domoticz documentation that is available from the webconfig page)