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ClearOS 6 Virtual Machine Images Available

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For those of you who need a quick way to kick the tires, we have made a number of ClearOS 6 Virtual Machine images available:

- VMware
- VirtualBox
- VirtualPC

Head on over to the download page to grab the latest.  Expect to see Amazon EC2 images a little later this year!

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  • This blog software is... not good.

    We will be adding support for Amazon EC2 and other virtual machines in the future. I'll make sure the KVM images are available for testing in the next release. As stated on the download page, the current VM images are just for looking around and *not* intended for production! We need to merge some of the nice ClearBOX/ClearCenter storage hooks into the Community Edition to make the VM images easier to use. Specifically, the new data store in ClearOS will make it Amazon EC2/S3/EBS Volume ready. That's a few weeks away.

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  • Ok, for running in a desktop/laptop its ok, but in a server where i have not (and i dont need) grafic interface, i dont run vbox, the redhat default its kvm, so for production, i understand that the first image that clearos (based on redhat) make available and support have to be the kvm one.
    Anyway you say that the kvm images are available and nobody test them, ok, i offer to test kvm images, where are them? But in the end you have to support them to anybody can and want to used in production. Because i want to use clearos but not in baremetal, and neither use other hypervisor just for this distro.
    thks and sorry about my english.

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  • Hello! I have both VirtualBox and VMware running on my Ubuntu laptop, so those images are certainly usable on Linux targets (and Macs too). This first round of VM images are really only intended for kicking the tires, not production systems. In a future release, these images will be appropriate for production systems. If you want to give the KVM images a spin, let me know. The KVM-compatible images are available, but nobody has come forward to test and optimize them.

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  • Why not images for standart linux host, i mean KVM? I and o lot of people dont use windows like virtual host, we use linux so, we can use kvm or xen, and like kvm is in the kernel, its the standard. Why a linux ditribution like clearos dont make available kvm images?
    thks, and sorry about my english, iam from argentina.

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