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ClearOS Enterprise 6.2.0 Beta 2 Release Information

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ClearOS Enterprise 6.2.0 Beta 2 has arrived!  Hey, what happened to the version number - wasn't it version 6.1.0?  Well, the latest ClearOS release is built on source code from a prominent North American Linux vendor.  This upstream vendor released their 6.2 update earlier this month and we quickly followed suit.  For the curious, you can find more information on ClearOS version numbering here.

Along with the release of more than a dozen new apps, this release continues the process of creating a stable base system: installer, RPM packages, users, groups, system tools, LDAP, network, firewall, framework, and Marketplace.

You can find download information for both 32-bit and 64-bit versions in the Release Notes.  Enjoy!

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  • Sounds awesome.

    Maybe format will be the best option since we don't have that many custom implementations. Other than an old FreeRADIUS but since thats a package now from marketplace ... how much better can it get and the Import Feature seems to work like a charm when I tested it on the Beta2.

    Thanks for a great product.

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  • Upgrades from 5.2 will not be available until a later release. In the past, the testing for upgrades was not satisfactory, so this time around we plan on having a pilot program that will allow the development team to hone the upgrade process.

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  • Really looking forward to this update.

    Specially the Radius Server ... Thumbs up.

    Will it be possible to upgrade from ClearOS Enterprise Edition release 5.2?

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  • The following command will work on the beta 2 release:

    yum --enablerepo=clearos-dev --enablerepo=clearos-updates-testing install app-content-filter

    If you are reading this post, please note that this command will eventually change to:

    yum install app-content filter

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  • Probably January 5. The app was pushed through the build system yesterday - - and all that is needed is a quick verification.

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  • Any ideas on when the content filter will be included?

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  • Interesting. Did you try both 32-bit and 64-bit? Are there any legacy features turned on in the BIOS? The hardware is quite old, so it's possible that support for the hardware has faded. I took a quick look at and noticed that the PowerEdge SC1425 was not on the version 6 certified list.

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  • Hi, I booted this on my Dell Poweredge SC1425 and got a big red box telling me Low Ram/Insufficient RAM. This is a 2xXeon 3.2GHz with 2GB DDR2 ECC REG Memory. It's currently running ClearOS 5.2 Enterprise with no problems. I hope this gets fixed in final release, or if patchable.

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