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Zarafa Community and Mail Stack Beta

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The ClearOS Mail Stack and Zarafa are ready for a first round of feedback from alpha testers. In February 2012, a prototype version of the Zarafa app was created. It was a bit too late in the ClearOS 6 release cycle, so Zarafa was set aside. Well, now that version 6 has been released, we can get back to Zarafa and the entire mail stack. There are 16 apps (!) involved in mail processing in ClearOS:

Free Apps

- Zarafa Community
- SMTP Server
- Greylisting
- Mail Antispam
- Mail Antivirus
- Mail Settings
- Zarafa Extension - Zarafa mailbox state and quota when adding/editing a user
- Contact Extension - Extra contact information when adding/editing a user
- SMTP Server Plugin - SMTP Authentication state when adding/editing a user

Paid Apps

- Zarafa Professional
- ClearCenter Antispam Updates
- ClearCenter Antimalware Updates
- Premium Mail Antivirus powered by Kaspsersky

In addition, the following libraries have been added. These apps do not appear in Marketplace or the web-based administration tool, but are important parts of the ClearOS mail stack:

- Mail Filter
- Mail Routing
- System Database

This initial release is intended for testers and developers. If you are looking to start running your Zarafa mail server in a live environment, please wait for another week or so. 

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