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  • Thanks for your reply, Nick.

    I'm not sure I understand what you mean.

    I really like the flexshare setup for ease of use and it creates subdomains but my daughter really would like her subdomain to have her name. And that appears to be impossible to do given her username is the name that she wants for the subdomain.

    I get the feeling I've missed something really basic here. Wouldn't it make sense to be able to create flexshares with

    Thanks again.

  • Set up webserver with virtual or subdomain being a username?

    Hi. Not sure if this is the right place to post this. I realize this includes DNS, flexshares etc. Admins, please move if necessary.

    I've received a request from my daughter to create a subdomain or virtual domain with her username.


    I thought the easiest way was to create a flexshare with daughter_name but that won't work since daughter_name is her username.

    So thought that perhaps I could create a flexshare with daughter_web and then use CNAME DNS record to do point to the virtual domain.

    ie. C [where daughter_web is the flexshare]

    Would this work or is there an easier way to do this without all the futzing around with DNS records?

    Thanks in advance.

  • Nuke
    Nuke replied to a discussion, Forum development

    Hi all.

    I believe I already commented about the Forums some time back and expected that things would eventually get fixed. I am also beyond frustration. I've been forced to use Google to try and find topics in the forums as I can't easily navigate or find anything using the forum tools.

    While this new Forum looks great, it is still nonfunctional for how I work and participate. I realize there is a learning curve for new tools but I've never had anything like this before in my 16 yrs of participating in open source communities.

    It is really disappointing to see that @Nick is now so frustrated and that @Tony is stepping back. They, with a number of other key participants, have been the backbone of this community and to see that they are reaching the end of their ropes doesn't bode well.

    I would like to chime in my support for getting the Forums fixed up as quickly as possible. These issues reflect badly on the community, organization and brand. This is after all an open source community and we need to be able to connect and work together.

    I also think that the community has been a direct value builder to the whole Clear/Clarkconnect brand and business. Please help us to participate by fixing this quickly.

    Now I press the green button and cross my fingers that my post actually happens. Sigh!

  • Nuke
    Nuke replied to a discussion, Forum development

    Oooeee! The new forum looks slick. :)

    But I'm having problems getting my head around how to use it.

    I've got 11000+ new posts which I don't seem to be able to mark as read; I can't find a way to access my notifications; I sort of lucked into finding my avatar page but was unable to update it. Oh it looks terrible now; ... sigh ... help.

    Is there a HowTo somewhere? Please post a link as I'm having a hard time finding anything.

    I was lucky to find this thread. Please move this to the appropriate sub-forum if the posting is in the wrong place and accept my apologies in advance.

    Thanks ever so much!

  • Nuke
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