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  • Bonjour,
    Je peux aider à nouveau pour le français. For those who don't understand french: I can again help for french.

  • Hi,
    Same problem here. This morning I had a power failure. After work this afternoon, powered up my gateway, no connection to Internet.
    The firewall failed to start.
    My kernel is those updated on 6 july: 3.10.0-327.22.2.v7.x86_64
    When I start manually the firewall it never finish loading, I've to "break it" via CTRL+C, but if I do a iptables -nvL, it is working.
    If I: systemctl status firewall it says that it has failed.

    So please continue to investigate.

  • Francis Poulizac
    Francis Poulizac replied to a discussion, Translation

    Thanks for your response but already tried it and no way. The link goes nowhere.
    If I try to ping it:

    Is this site really on-line.
    Thank you for your help (on the link you gave me you can see that I'm already a french translator (if I remember I began english-french translation a long time ago, version 3.0 when it wasn't called ClearOS)

  • Francis Poulizac
    Francis Poulizac started a new discussion, Translation


    I wanted to add some translation from english to french as it's not fully done actually (last time I've contributed fully was on Cos5.2... I'd began to do it on version 6.0 but poodle wasn't my cup of tea ;-).
    I've some spare time so I wanted to give a new chance to Poodle. I've read the Developer Translation sections (overview, getting started and system).
    The package app-devel is installed and configured but:
    - when I try to go to Translate System, my proxy said I can't.
    If I test the above link in Site down or not?, it says that's not just me.

    So what can I do if you want me to help you do some translation?

  • Francis Poulizac
    Francis Poulizac replied to a discussion, Banned IP list empty

    I confirm. I'm using ClearOS Home Edition and since the last intrusion-prevention update no more IP banned before that I had a lot of banned IP.
    A quick look in /etc/snort.d/rules/clearcenter, only one alert activate snortsam.

    What I did:
    cat /etc/snort.d/rules/clearclenter/*.rules | grep fwsam:

    and this is what I get:

    Every rules who normaly should activate snortsam miss this statement "fwsam: src, 1 day;)" at the end of each alert.
    So please, Clearcenter could you investigate.

  • Hi,
    I had already Fail2ban installed a long time ago. Attack-detector app installed with no problem on 7.2 Home. All is working correctly except one thing: in the log, i've a lot of banned IP exceeding my ban limit (86400s = one day). After looking in the code of this app, it seems that the IP showing in the log are grepped on fail2ban.log only for the word 'BAN' so the IP UNBANed are not deleted.
    I know it's only 'cosmetic' as fail2ban is working correcly, it unbans those IP after the limit.
    Clearos please continue your excellent work.

    Sorry for my english (I'm French and a long time user of your distribution (I think, I began with COS 3; was a long time ago ;-))

  • Francis Poulizac
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    Loves reading the forums.