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  • Well Drew if you want a supported CPU - look at this list " target="_blank">Supported CPUsTitle- it goes up to Skylake for Intel. However, no desktop CPUs are 'supported' except for a couple of older i3 - the rest are all Xeon. However, there are a few Xeon SOCs in that list if you really must have a supported SOC :D. ClearOS is based on CentOS, based in turn on Rhel - a conservative server OS for long term stability.

    If any of the "museum" equipment here is upgraded (I have working systems going back to 2003 e.g. an Abit NF7-S with an AMD Athlon XP 2600+ [Barton Core] which is used as a NAS), was wondering how something like This would go. There was success with something similar In this thread

    Intel offers no Redhat Linux support list for NUCs Intel Linux Support for Intel NUCs - and what support is indicated is for recent kernel OS versions.

    So net result? you will have to live with "unsupported" if you want any desktop CPU... (except 2 i3 Intel CPUs)

  • ended up blocking - no more waiting for the "orange blob" and should not affect other sites...

  • Using a Intel Celeron SOC J1800 on an Asrock D1800B-ITX board running ClearOS 7.5 here. Has worked perfectly since initial installation with no warnings then or during any ClearOS upgrades since. It is used primarily as a firewall with multi-wan, backup mail server and running my web-server with public access, It will serve the pages from the links below, for example. Cannot comment on how it would perform with such pigs as snort which were banished long ago... An older board by today's standards... Use an Intel 82575EB Gigabit dual PCIe NIC, which together with the on-board NIC, provides the required two WAN interfaces and single LAN.

    Details here... This machine, like the others here, runs boinc for research using 'spare' cycles, especially for medical research. This is the reason why these machines run close to 100% CPU utilization... WCG research

  • Nick probably meant
    # lspci -k | grep Eth -A 3

  • Just a follow up on the orange "blob" on the ClearOS page... Curiosity got the better of me...

    It seems like an after-thought as it is not integrated with the main page and doesn't load with it, so scanned the ClearOS forum page source - all 3,278 lines of it!

    Hmm.. see this "jq.getJSON("";, function(data) {"

    So what is "";? Well, judging by how quickly (NOT) that page loads, their sever must be a 20 MHz i386 :( That site, it the url is anything to go by, is just across the Tasman Sea from me here in Aus. Forty-seven (yes 47 seconds) to load the main page - that's worse than ClearOS. Guess what! That site also has an orange blob that loads several seconds afterwards with similar (but not the same) content.

  • Thanks Nick for taking the time to provide an explanation...

    sloppy date handling on the part of the forum software

    No - sloppy forum software - not just date handling.

    There is no reason for the mods to do any extra work - all the forum software has to do is display the time since the last **existing** post. Then, if the last post is deleted, it will automatically still display the correct time passed since the last viewable post. Simple! That's what you would expect to happen...

    But the reality is that this together with all the other bugs in the forums such as long lines being split within codes tags, emoticons appearing within code tags as a result of ":" in the text, having to wait several seconds extra for the orange 'blob' to appear in the bottom right-hand corner of the page (which also obscures text) etc etc will just continue on and on as they have done for the past several years... Just don't understand how and why this is considered acceptable.

  • Tony Ellis
    Tony Ellis started a new discussion, Missing Update on the Forums

    Missing Update on the Forums

    Currently I see this on the Forums

    cannot authenticate in the Web console
    Posted By: Arnaud Forster In Webconfig / UI
    1 hour ago View last reply

    When I click on "Viw last reply" see the post by Nick dated Thursday, September 27 2018

    In no way is this 1 hour ago...

    These forums are slow enough as it is without this sort of nonsense... Waste of time :(

  • Thanks - Well, that was my problem as well. Annoying this is a known problem that hasn't been fixed. My solution will be a little different, a weekly cron job - on all systems...
    # rm -f /etc/clearsync.d/csplugin-events.conf

    Still maintain clearsyncd is a resource hog. On all systems can see it occasionally spiking to near 100%. So took the time and wrote a little script to check memory and CPU usage on another system (not the one that had the problem)... Not impressed at all... this is for clearsyncd when CPU usage > 0. All this for the occasional time a config file is changed, event to be logged etc? Suppose could extend the time the script runs to capture the near 100% usage - but it is already showing its true colours without doing that... seems to run approxiamately every 5 seconds...

  • Thanks Nick - that is the sort of conclusion I had come to - but was looking for some in-depth documentation to make debugging easier. Had seen the /etc/clearsync.d files and had already formulated one debugging plan that I didn't want to action :( The /var/log/clearsync.log and /var/log/clearsyncd.log contained nothing but the usual messages and were of no help with my issue.

    So there was nothing for it but to enact my plan to find if one of these files in /etc/clearsync.d was responsible for kicking off the loop. Mr Murphy was in attendance and found it was the second last file of my testing that was the culprit... i.e. /etc/clearsync.d/csplugin-events.conf.

    Looking at the file it seems to be responsible for creating the entries in the Webconfig "Events and Notifications" page. That's something never used here - so will not miss it at all... Checked the size of every single log in /var/log and sub-directories and there is nothing that is not the usual size so am at a loss why it is a problem. That file compares OK using "cmp" with the same file on another system... Not willing to waste any more time. Annoys me that virtually all the problems on my systems are in stuff developed by Clear - especially openldap - and these have by far the poorest documentation or none at all. The vanilla parts derived from CentOS are rock solid...