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  • Since you have a DNS server showing as - I assume you are running dnsmasq.
    Is dnsmasq running correctly? Why isn't the first DNS, rather than third, to take advantage of caching?

    You didn't answer re. fail-over versus weighting - perhaps the best way is to show us your /etc/clearos/multiwan.conf file

    Is your ClearOS system up-to-date? Output of "rpm -qa | grep multiwan"

    From your /var/log/syswatch extract you should have had continual Internet access as there is no indication that the enp3s0 interface failed. Can we have the full ifconfig output for the WAN interfaces so we can see the traffic distribution between them...

  • In addition to Nick's comments...

    Are both of the 4G connections using sim-cards going to the same provider? If so, are they on the same sub-net?

    Be good to see an extract of /var/log/syswatch just before, during and after a connection goes down. (within code-tags please)

    What is the reason for using fail-over rather than the default Multi-WAN weighting with both WANs active at the same time?

  • Patrick - I realize that.. However, to make the additional entries yourself is pretty trivial. If you only use one language then only that language file would need updating. They would then show in webconfig and you could enjoy scanning the extra directories while waiting for Clear to either accept and implement your request, or deny it.

  • Hi Nick - glad the The ProxyPass entry works for you...

    I still run squirrelmail and that is my favorite. As for response, what are you running ClearOS on? I have an Ivy Bridge i7 here for ClearOS and opening a new folder is sub-second and selecting an email within it almost instantaneous. The workstation uses Chrome for a browser and running Fedora Linux, CPU is an Ivy Bridge i3.

  • Looks like you need to add additional entries to "/usr/clearos/apps/file_scan/libraries/" and corresponding entries to the language files in /usr/clearos/apps/file_scan/language

  • Hi Nick
    Yes, SOGo changed their policy see
    I occasionally update to the latest nightly build and never had a problem. By all accounts they are extremely stable.

    This should achieve what you are looking for...

    Edit /etc/httpd/conf.d/SOGo.conf
    and add an extra "ProxyPass" line...

    and restart httpd and sogod - let me know how you go...
    for those that are interested in the nightly builds repository
    /etc/yum.repos.d/inverse.repo - ClearOS 6.x

    /etc/yum.repos.d/inverse.repo - ClearOS 7.x

  • Tony Ellis
    Tony Ellis replied to a discussion, ClearOS 6.8 Update Schedule?

    Tony Ellis is indeed running 6.8 - on 7 machines - a mixture of 32 and 64 bit - since shortly after 6.8 went into test. No problems encountered except on the 64 bit machines where the 32-bit and 64 bit rpms upgrades have gotten out of sync. The 64 bit machines need to run some 32-bit binaries, hence both rpm upgrades must be at the same level. Note that I only run a subset of ClearOS apps - no flexshares, no dnsmasq, no paid apps, no BackupPC, no Serviio etc and on one machine no ldap (though it is running ClearOS!)

    As for the comment "Just switch to 7.2 ;-) 6.x is old fashion" - I do have a 7.x test machine and when I decide it is stable enough, and I have upgraded all the apps I have written, I will migrate... fashion has not to do with it :-) suitability for purpose is... My year 2000 VW Golf still performs admirably the reason for owning it!

  • Tony Ellis
    Tony Ellis replied to a discussion, Posts vanishing

    Nick - see

    I had an email copy of one of your posts that disappeared - so I have appended it to that forum - hopefully the ClearOS site will not be so careless and loose it again :-) If it "reappears" I will edit my post or feel free to delete it if you are able...

  • see

    Below is an append made by Nick that disappeared...

    Nick Howitt replied to the discussion What do you do after a break-in attempt?

    Please don't think you have any more security with stock ClearOS compared to a domestic router. Your only security is user/password with a basic set up.

    There are a number of approaches you can take. Firstly do you need to leave SSH open? If you don't, close it. If you do, at a minimum install app-attackdetector or fail2ban,but these give you no protection if the attack comes from an IP subnet - there is one Chinese bot which does this so connections come from different but similar ip address.

    If you only need access for one or two devices consider closing the port on the WAN and connecting by Openvpn. You can then access SSH by using the ClearOS LAN IP. This is my preferred option. Other options are to change the port, set up SSH keys and set up port knocking. If you don't want to do anything like one of these options, then you are on your own, but at least use a strong password.

  • There are thousands of machines on this planet attempting to break into systems all over the world - welcome to reality...

    What to do? Make your system less vulnerable and more secure.

    It would appear you have the ssh port open. Do you really need it open? Can you use a different port such as 222? Is ssh access only required from certain internet addresses? If so, allow them only with firewall rules or running xinetd with entries in /etc/hosts.allow

    Investigate tools such as Fail2ban. Also read

    Make use of the 'web. There are much information re. closing system vulnerabilities making your system more secure.
    I built my own application that both bans and logs break-in attempts. As you can see, I get many each day.