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  • For AWStats to show the individual cities in "Countries - Cities" create the following script and run it. Beware of the long middle line (unwrap if necessary) and don't forget to make executable, called mine, so....
    # chmod 755

    Now edit your conf files in /etc/awstats.
    Look for '#LoadPlugin="geoip_city_maxmind GEOIP_STANDARD /pathto/GeoIPCity.dat" ' about line 14xx and add a line below as in this snippet...

    Goto directory /var/lib/awstats/ and delete all the .txt files there
    # cd /var/lib/awstats/
    # rm *.txt
    run the following command to re-create your data with the country information *note this is all one long line...

    You should now see the cities from which your visitors accessed your web-site... (refresh your browser if they don't appear).

    To make life easier the following files can be downloaded
    for ClearOS 6.x" target="_blank">

    For ClearOS7.x just change the 6 in the above urls to a 7

  • Tony Ellis
    Tony Ellis replied to a discussion, dellmont credit checker

    Like Nick I only downloaded 544 lines. However, the last line is missing a line feed. On linux files they should end with just line feed - no carriage returns whatsoever.
    Adding a line feed now makes mine 545 lines. Without an account the script cannot be tested properly... i.e. using a dummy conf file.. - but no script errors...

    @stasses How did you download the script - I used a linux workstation and Firefox which provided a direct download. Chrome wanted to display the script on the screen. To 'Copy and Paste' on such a long file would be a difficult way to get exactly right, especially as one line is 296 characters, and there are others almost as long :-( Suspect that perhaps your file is longer as some of the long lines have 'wrapped'?

  • For AWStats to show the individual countries in the "Countries - Full List" two rpms are required, namely GeoIP and perl-Geo-IP. To check
    # rpm -q GeoIP perl-Geo-IP
    if not installed
    # yum install GeoIP perl-Geo-IP

    Now edit your conf files in /etc/awstats.
    Look for "#LoadPlugin="geoip GEOIP_STANDARD /pathto/GeoIP.dat"" about line 14xx and add a line below as in this snippet...

    Goto directory /var/lib/awstats/ and delete all the .txt files there
    # cd /var/lib/awstats/
    # rm *.txt
    run the following command to re-create your data with the country information *note this is all one long line...

    You should now see country information for your visitors along with their country flag.

    Good Luck.

  • AWStats - great webserver statistics - for both ClearOS vesions

    Back many moons ago Clarkconnect, the forerunner of ClearOS, incorporated AWStats. Loved it for its webserver statistics reports. Still use it in fact. So if you want to give it a whirl, read on...

    Well, in fact, the instructions are a bit long - some 475 lines or more as it combines details for both current ClearOS versions, so am a bit reluctant to post here. Don't be put off by the length - it's relatively simple to do. Explained Step by Step The awstats rpm is installed from epel for both versions. The only 'work' is to setup some configuration files so it works under ClearOS.

    For security, access to AWStats, once installed using these instructions, is only available using https: and a userid/password pair...

    So if you are interested go to

  • Is ZEG using ldap? or what ??? If ZEG uses ldap suppose it would be possible to synchronize accounts across the two ldap instances. However, if the ZEG ldap structure is very different to that of ClearOS - could be quite a bit of work to setup requiring a good knowledge of ldap internals.

    Considerably more work, but you could host another ClearOS instance on a VM and use Account Synchronization - master and slave. I recall there was some ClearOS doc on this - but not sure for what version. (later...) Just checked - there is a *paid* app "Master/Slave Synchronization" for ClearOS 7.x

    Cannot think of another solution off-hand - other than manual which you have already indicated...

  • My SOGo is still running after upgrades, both to ClearOS 6.8 and several nightly updates to SOGo. I don't "sync" with my Samsung Note 2 using anything special - just use the standard supplied Email app with imap and my ClearOS userid/password for email hosted by ClearOS.

    The instructions posted at the start of this thread use ldap on the system hosting SOGo for authentication. This means that by default only the userid/password pair as exists on that SOGo host system will be authenticated for mail hosted on that system and with SOGo and httpd running on that system.

    So you tried using the ZEG appliance to access your mail located on the ClearOS server? Is that correct? As I understand it ZEG is a complete solution that includes its own imap server (Dovecot), SMTP server (Postfix) and web-server (Apache) - so seems to me that the intention is to use ZEG SOGo to access the mail stored natively on ZEG, and not elsewhere. For testing you could always use imapsync to make a copy of your ClearOS mail on ZEG. Then, if happy with that, just use ZEG for all your mail needs and no mail (or SOGo) on ClearOS whatsoever.

    Now if you really want to use ZEG to access mail on ClearOS, then please clarify as this statement "I kind of like the idea of keeping the mail separate from the clearos". This doesn't make sense to me. By doing this the mail is still on ClearOS. Obviously I am missing something crucial... more detail please.

  • Tony Ellis
    Tony Ellis replied to a discussion, ClearOS 7.3.0 Beta 1 Available

    Just completed another upgrade ClearOS 7.2 -> 7.3 Beta
    No registration problems this time...

  • I use several Intel PCIe NICs with ClearOS 6.8 - no problem. Don't have one in a 7.x system yet, but wouldn't expect a problem.

    Nvidia - see and this thread

  • Sure you can add a new NIC - however, be aware many popular PCIe NICs are based on the RTL8111/RTL8168 chipset and are not natively supported by ClearOS.
    A r8168 kmod driver rpm is available to download and install which will disable the r8169 driver from being used with the r8168. NIC Using the r8169 driver with a r8168 based card causes many problems...

  • See
    and scroll down to the section entitled "Networking Drivers" within Section 4.4. Discontinued Kernel Drivers, Modules and Features. Redhat cleaned out something like 80+ drivers for old NICs for version 7.0 that are no longer in production or not used in modern enterprise servers...

    Some drivers have been compiled from elrepo ( ) by ClearOS users - notably Nick and are available to download

    Can you show the output of this command please, and we can see what NIC you have and hence the required driver......

    # lspci -vk | grep Eth -A 4