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  • Tony Ellis
    Tony Ellis replied to a discussion, Help with NTOP?

    The way it seems to work is the first time it runs you can access on http: port 3000
    or https: port 3001 on any address so you can configure. After that initial run it will
    only open ports as per /etc/ntop.conf. You missed that opportunity as a result of the
    start/stop problems. At least that's the way it appeared to me.

    However all is not lost. Just edit /etc/ntop.conf manually. Mine is below. As you can
    see I only allow https: access on one address and only local for http:

  • John, Could be my mistake and not yours :)

    I was assuming he wanted to run the actual ethtool command from my reading of his append as I
    stated in my response. I may have got the wrong impression. However, if he just wants to imbed
    the ethtool parameters, then yours is the more elegant solution.

    As is often the case with Linux - there is more than one solution...

  • Just put your ethtool command in "/etc/rc.d/rc.local" to run at startup only

    Put in "/etc/clearos/firewall.d/local" to run every time the firewall restarts
    (which I would think preferred)

    "/etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-eth0" is for interface parameters - not
    for running a script or comand such as ethool with options

  • Tony Ellis
    Tony Ellis replied to a discussion, Help with NTOP?

    OK - the problem is with /etc/rc.d/init.d/ntop

    It's looking for the pidfile in the wrong location and not finding it thinks it is
    not running and hence no need to stop...

    Just edit /etc/rc.d/init.d/ntop to look like this extract

    This was checked using the i686 version - will check if the 64-bit version has the same problem...

  • Tony Ellis
    Tony Ellis replied to a discussion, Help with NTOP?

    OK - installed ntop and used the instructions at "";

    All went OK - except for one problem which seems to relate to what you experienced...

    # service ntop stop
    # service ntop restart

    do not work - I had to use

    # pkill ntop
    # ntop start

    This would seem to explain your problem of an existing process when trying to start another.
    Maybe a problem with /etc/rc.d/init.d/ntop or /usr/sbin/ntop ?

  • Tony Ellis
    Tony Ellis replied to a discussion, Help with NTOP?

    Drew, It is a few years since I installed ntop - so am not familiar with any present problems
    and no longer use it, though if I have time will give it a go...

    However, another program you might like to consider is vnStat and a php frontend that will
    integrate with the web-server.

    Instructions are at "";

    Examples of output can be found by clinking on "Click here" for the systems in the left-hand
    frame and then clicking on "vnStat with vnStat PHP frontend"

  • By having none ClearOS repositories enabled by default you are risking "rpm hell". Big no no :(

    Immediately go to your /etc/yum.repos.d/ directory and ensure that every None ClearOS repository
    (.repo file) has the the line "enabled = 0" for each repo.

    That should get rid of the error message - you are pointing to a repository not available which caused
    the command to bomb. The rpms you need are in the standard ClearOS 5.2 repository and the command
    I gave works for a correctly setup ClearOS 5.2 install...

  • You need to understand why the files dis-appeared - but you might be able to brute force it back working by :-

    # rpm -e clearsdn-intrusion-protection snort app-snort app-snortsam

    # yum install clearsdn-intrusion-protection snort app-snort app-snortsam

    # chkconfig snort on

    # chkconfig snortsam on

    # service snort start

    # service snortsam start

    then to check

    # service snort status

    # service snortsam status

  • Tony Ellis
    Tony Ellis replied to a discussion, Forum development

    @Michael - forums definitely loading faster... re-ran same tests...

    Initial load now about 4 seconds faster 15 -> 11
    Reload about 5.5 seconds faster 12.5 -> 7

    Whirlpool about the same as last time

    Still need almost a 5x improvement to match Whirlpool :)