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  • Whatever... Last time I do any testing for ClearOS if this is the sort of time wasting it involves... Would have thought by now ClearOS could have provided a better experience for testing a new release considering how many times it has done it in the past. In fact - last time I append here - it is becoming more like pre-alpha not beta testing. Why does ClearOS provide instructions that don't work at all? Anyway - bye to ClearOS, the early days were good, but now now...

  • First line OK - then this from the second line...

    As before - see this type of error too much from ClearOS repositories... No internet connection issues... Other distributions update OK.

  • Tony Ellis
    Tony Ellis replied to a discussion, Sending mail from bash script

    As Nick indicated you must have a working SMTP server, usually postfix with ClearOS. Also, to use the example command Nick provided you must have the mailx rpm installed. I cannot remember if that rpm is installed by default or whether you must explicitly install it. Use something very similar here to send automated emails from crontab entries at set times.
    You can also

    cat /some/file | mail -s 'Gateway down'

  • Tony Ellis
    Tony Ellis replied to a discussion, Forum Slow

    Yes, especially when posting a reply. I will time this one...

  • Tony Ellis
    Tony Ellis replied to a discussion, mirrorlist site down?

    No problem reaching using the chrome browser from Australia, so its up...

  • Have you considered using managed switch(es) for per port bandwidth control?

  • Tony Ellis
    Tony Ellis replied to a discussion, Memory leak?

    As well as the script Nick provided, do a google search using something like "linux finding source of memory leak" - you will get many really good hits, some using just the standard OS provided tools...

  • Tony Ellis
    Tony Ellis replied to a discussion, ClearOS 8


    ClearOS8 is on hold for the moment because of the tie up between IBM and RedHat. The decision is expected to be revisited in Q3

    Well Q3 has come and gone and still absolutely nothing, or did you mean Q3 2021 or maybe 2022 :)
    Redhat Version 8.3 is now in Beta - if ClearOS wait long enough and eventually decide to stay with CentOS they can jump straight to version 9 when it is released and miss out 8 altogether...

  • Flash, Why do you need support for the 8125 and why is the Old Bandwidth Manger so important ?
    [quote]Or has ClearOS finally come to their senses and has implemented the old Bandwidth Manager in ClearOS 7? :D
    Not going to happen as you appear to have already accepted... As newer hardware gets introduced you will find it increasingly difficult to run an old OS that lacks the necessary support and be stuck with your old hardware.

    Some choices for you...

    1) Run a more modern OS on the bare hardware that has support for the 8125 and your ClearOS 6.x in a VM
    2) Choose something different to the 8125 that your ClearOS 6.x does support
    and better
    3) Forget the Old Bandwidth Manger and find something else to replace it - even if it is running something other than ClearOS

  • Flash - doubt it out of the box. Read this thread here you posted in to see what was necessary to gain support for 7. Since EOL for CentOS 6 is November 30, 2020 would think it unlikely that elrepo would be interested in producing a driver for CentOS verison 6. You realize don't you that ClearOS 6 went EOL 1 Sep 2019 and is no longer supported. That is over a year ago. As time goes by becomes more and more a liability on the internet. Get yourself a copy of ClearOS 7.x and use the kmod discussed here...